speaker cable and interconects for REGA BRIO- R

Hi there!
wondering what cables are you using with this amp!
My speakers are system audio Sak2 excellent monitors!
lots of bass, need cables with details to overcome the bass of the speakers!
thinking on rega dac!
I run MAC copper speaker cables and ICs with my Rega R. Seems to work decently with my Merlin monitors. Love the Rega R, seems as if Rega has finally figured out the amplification thing. Lot stronger than my previous Rega Brio.
The rega brio r impressed me more that what i expected!
I though I going to get a decent sound but no this musical experience making you feel its all about the music no the distractions like brand nanes, and million desinging specif that make us crazy and taking away the gift of our ears and the magic of the music itself!
I come from much higher end like ayon etc now on graduate school with no income great opportunity to learn a lesson!
Less money!
its about the music and what your ears tell you!
they never lie.....