Speaker Cable Advice Needed


I just picked up an Aragon 4004 MK II to go with my B&W 802 Series 2's. This amp replaced an Adcom GFA-555. The difference is quite beautiful. Now I'd like to upgrade cables, but don't want to spend more than a couple hundred bucks. I'm currently using 2 separate strands of 12 gauge oxygen free stranded cable per speaker for biwiring. I'm wondering if there is known product for this combo that would be no brainer, purchase wise. Thanks!
DNM Reson, no ifs,ands or buts.
Nahhh keep the wires you are using.
I went from quad twist 12 gauge mil spec biwire to dual Kimber 8TC and the improvement was hard to note on my Magnepan 3.6 with Bryston 4B-SST2 amp.
Save your money.
your fine with 12 gauge ...the copper content in that cable is the real deal and no worse and even possibly better than the boutique cables that go for a ransom.
You might give solid core wire a try.Haven't had the pleasure of hearing your combo so can't make a specific recommendation.Depends what sound you are trying to achieve,more or less detail,more or less dynamics,etc.
Thanks for all the responses. I have to say I'm relieved to find out there are others out there that don't buy into the $1K or higher cable hype. When I have a total of $1700 in the speakers and amp, that just seems crazy. I'm just trying to squeeze as much detail as possible out of this now 90's system.
It will cost you very little, maybe nothing, to experiment with some low cost cables such as Mapleshade, Clear Day, Speltz and many others. You may find you like the sound of one more than what you have.
You might also at least try out a set of Morrow SP4 speaker cables. Make sure to get the nude wire terminations, and when you make the connections, keep as much as possible of the bare wire in contact with the contact surface area on the speaker and amp terminals. Make sure the connections are very tight.

I am using the Morrow SP2 cables with my McCormack amp, and boy does it sound good, especially in the mids and highs. It just sounds like music and has me tapping my feet and singing along. This has not always been the case with my system. I have heard many systems that sound detailed and dynamic, but just don't do much for me emotionally.
I have a 1970s-2000 system in my study and have found that Signal Ultra bi-wire is superb and will cost you less than $200. Another option is Blue Jeans Cable 10 Gauge copper - or if you wish to splurge and pay about $200, depending on length, double up both these as I have done.
I have a lot of respect for Aragon. The 2002 sounded great on my Quad 988's...
Recommendations, without being able to hear the system nor really knowing what the person asking likes and doesn't, are always tough and of limited use. I like to read between the lines. If you had written: "the Aragon just blew the Adcom away" or "I didn't really hear much difference", then I would say don't bother trying different cables. But, you described what you heard in a way ("quite beautiful") that tells me that you are probably a sensitive listener and can appreciate subtlety; it tells me that trying different cables is probably worthwhile for you. The difference that cables can make is very real; and even the +$1000 cables, in the right system, is not hype. For $200 you can definitely try a few different things that can maximize your system's potential. For your gear I like the solid core suggestion (can sound grainless and beautiful). The AntiCables are a great place to start. Good luck.
The Emotiva X Series cables look, feel and sound great. I got one for my center channel.
DNM Stereo Speaker Cables...these bested many speaker cables costing many more times their humble price. If musical truth is what your looking for these will suit you just fine. They have for me for a few years now.