Speaker cable advice

I am currently looking for a new pair of speaker cables.
My current setup is a pair of CARY SLM 70 tube monoblocks, a counterpoint sa-3000 preamp, cal icon mk2 power boss, rega planar 3 with an rb600 arm with a denon 103 cartridge and PSB stratus goldi speakers. I am currently running morrow ma2 ic's (great cable by the way) and audioquest type 4 speaker cables biwired. My budget is around $500, and I only need about 4 foot runs. I am considering goertz, kimber, xlo, etc. I would like them to be biwired
Any suggestions?
You might want to look at the Clear Day Cables.
Just about anything you get will be better than what you have now. I used to use AQ4, it is junk. If you like Morrow cables, try them first.
I was going to suggest Morrow cables :-)

I still will, except to note that I've found that the more more individual strands, the better they sound. Seriously better. This applies both to speaker cables and ICs (haven't tried the power cords).
Look into DNM Stereo Speaker cables. They are solid core copper, will fit into your budget, and bested everything that I have had in my system over the last 15 years.
I've used Morrows and while they are decent,I find ZU Mission or Libtec better.
IMHO 7-8 feet is required foe SC's to sound their best.
Anti-cables are inexpensive, and endorsed by the Absolute Sound and me.

I just sold some cables, and will be waiting a few weeks for the new ones to arrive. In the meantime I had some old Audioquest type 4 cable laying around. So I hooked it up. While not terrible (not offensive), it certainly is a pretty flat, dull cable, with little in the way of detail.

You might try Kimber 4tc shotgun or 8tc. Both will be a significant improvement over what you have and should fall in your budget. Another great value is Acoustic Zen Satori cable which can be had used for around your budget.
I've been extremely pleased with the Silver Resolution from Signal Cable. They have a 30 day in home return policy, so you could test them out and send them back if you decide you'd prefer to look around. Four foot bi-wire runs would cost ~220. You might be able to find another option that sounds as good at the top end of your budget, but I don't know that you'll improve upon them without exceeding it (unless you go used).

Good luck
I second the Clear Day Cable Double Shotgun. You can demo them for free for 30 days. You will not be disapointed.
'IMHO 7-8 feet is required foe SC's to sound their best'

Have you found this to be true with all cables? I thought that shorter was better. My runs are 6 ft, which is why I ask.
Vh audio builds very fine cables for reasonable prices. Jallen
Trial and error over decades convinces me 8 to 10 ft is optimal for most speaker cables.
Third the Clear Day Cable suggestion. Plus Paul is a great guy to deal with. With the trial offer, there's nothing to lose.
Don't have your set-up but am very please with Clear Day Cables in both of mine
Purist is much better.
Skipper....I have a 5 foot biwire stereo run of Anticables if you want to try them
DH LABS Q10 very cheap and sounds pretty if you don't mind a little silver .
Hi all ! The cables you choose should complement your system . If your system needs more highs (or you want more highs) choose a lighter sounding cable . If you want it smoother sounding choose a smoother sounding cable . They all have a personality so choose one that fits your needs .
I am using Morrow MA2 interconnects, PH2 phono and SP2 speaker cables. Like them all. You should try the Morrow speaker cables. Cannot lose with the 60 day return policy.
I agree with the Clear Day cable suggestion. I just bought a pair of double shotgun and I am very impressed. I think these are the equal of many much more expensive cables and maybe better in some areas. Paul is also great to work with!
In my Anticables are not so good as many say. They display very cool lifeless sound, doutless well focused but oh so boring and without involvment. I bougth them with the pious illusion they could outperform my old Siltech LS 288 G3 bought in 1997.What a mistake!
The Siltech LS 288 G3 are stellar speaker cables and among the very best ever built. In comparison the Anticables pale tragically. Don't even mind the Anticables could beat the most sophisticated and expensive wires for hi-fi. If you own Siltech or Argento or Elrod or other avoid them absolutely!
While not an affordable cable, talk to David Schulte at The Upgrade Company. His TimePortal speaker cables and interconnects are wonderful.

He makes them, and will explain the science behind them as well.
This is what I would do (in fact have done it with great results: get a Signal cable ultra biwire run and double up with clear day double shotgun. Will meet your budget and give you great sound!