Speaker Cable 8" between Wilson / ML336?

Hi, I recently replaced my ProAcs with Wilso Watt puppy 6es and am not happy with the MIT cable I presently have. Not that the quality is bad, its that they are b- wired and Wilson do not support that type of connection.

So I am looking at recomendations for an 8ft speaker cable that will provide 3D imaging, non focused sound with lots of slam in a uncrossed over 2 chan speaker setup. This setup is also used in a HT environment.

to view my setup pls go to http://www.angelfire.com/mn2/mzn50/

thanks !!!

I enjoyed the Nordost SPMs between my 335 and my Watt/Puppy 5.1s. They were fast and incredibly dynamic, very revealing. Imaging was spooky.
Hi Matt, I have a similar situation with Thiels I just bought. I sent my MIT biwire cables back to MIT to be reconfigured for supposedly a minimal charge. I haven't heard from MIT yet, you might want to consider the same. I substituted Kimber 8TC with post master spades and the sound is excellent but not as 3D - I haven't heard a cable that images as well as MIT. good luck.
I am running Transparent Reference between my 5.1's and ML336. I have not tried any other brands with this setup because I am quite happy with the sound. I have heard good things about SPM and NBS with this setup also.
I agree with Krocdoc, the Transparent Reference XL cables are the best match I have heard. I have tried the Nordost SPM and while it was very good for the money, it was not even close in terms of resolution, bass control and staging.

Wilson speakers are internally wired with Transparent Reference XL. The synergy is very obvious with this combination.
Thanks for the info, I will contact MIT, if that fails, I will demo a pair of Transparent Ref .!

any other recomendations ? Any boutique cables like Acoustic Zen..JPS..

thanks !
I also use Transparent Ref. between my ML 335 and Wilson 5.1's. The Trans. Ref. interconnect as well. They work so well the urge to try something "better" has never struck me. Long term satisfaction is rare in high end audio! On the other hand maybe a new pre amp? Seriously, the bass slam and lack of "hi-fi" of the Transparent with this equipment is the answer.