Speaker Break-in Clipping Worries - Paranoia Ple

I'm running in a new pair of PMC FB1's (recommended amp power according to manufacturer "up to 150 watts").
I am using an Exposure amp rated at 70 watts RMS/channel. Also using a matching Exposure Pre-amp.

I put on a very dynamic C.D (Santana) and left the room, when I came back I realized that the music was especially loud (somehow didn't realize how loud when I first put it on).

I had the volume at roughly 11 o'clock for roughly 2 tracks. Is this enough to cause damage to the speakers by clipping? Or am I just being paranoid? Is 11'oclock enough to even cause clipping?

Thanks guys, any help is much appreciated :)
Are you noticing any distortion coming from the speaker drivers?If not,I'm sure you are okay and good to go.
no, i'm not noticing any distortion. But still scared I could of caused hidden damage :(
The damage clipping usually causes is, it fries your tweeters.Some times the midrange drivers. Put your ear in front of each and check.You probably just think your amp clipped.
Your amp can clip without blowing a speaker. The recent Santana releases are known for being compressed so its not surprising you might misjudge the level. The FB1 is transmision line loaded, this should keep the woofer under control better than a regular ported speaker. Unless you hear something bad I wouldnt worry. If they still sound right relax, its ok....
Blkadr is correct.Soft clipping can happen if you are listening to music fairly loud and the source comes to a more dynamic passage, then quickly drops off.Hard clipping is when the amp continues clipping, high steady current is flowing, this can damage midrange drivers and tweeters.Good rule of thumb,keep that volume control below 12 o`clock.If the music becomes distorted turn it down. Pure clean power is not the problem, distortion is the speakers worst enemy.A lot smaller amp than yours in a hard clip will fry your midrange drivers.
don't need the volume that loud for a quality break in. lower the volume and relax....