Speaker break in ? Aerial 9 went fr bad to amazing

I had a pair well used and broken in Aerial 10 T's I loved them but in My system the bass was a little too heavy.
So I purchased a pair of second hand Aerial 9's. Upon close inspection at home the speakers appeared unused. Not even dust on the drivers. I am pretty excited. So I hook them up and the bass seems so lean, almost non exsistent. I am not thrilled at this point. After about two months of use including some Get the Led out sessions with Physical Grafitti, the speakers seemed to change dramatically. The top to bottom balance is great and the bass is tight and full. I have not experienced this level of break in change before. Is this break in or I am experiencing something else?
I love the speakers more each day as they just keep getting better. What are your thoughs or experience
cool. Break-in always seems to go from bad to amazing. Could you imagine the other way around?

Did anything else change in your rig w/ the Aerial 9's?

Personally, I have never experienced a major shift in the the performance of speakers. I tend to be in the ear/brain thing breaking in. To each his own I suppose!
I know we have had hundreds of posts on this break-in subject. For many great speakers 8/10 months break-in; is required. So your Aerials may improve over the next 6-8 months.
This break-in can cause one to misjudge an amp./ well for me it sure did.--A great amp may not appear to have as much bass--until the speaker has been run in for a longer period than many may think.