Speaker brands with rotting foams?

I hate those speakers with foam edge that rots after few years. If you've experienced this problem, please tell us what brand/s of speaker they are. I wouldn't want to waste my money on them again, and I think there are many people here who share the same sentiment and are naturally interested to know too.
Sound dynamics 300ti love the speaker but needed refoaming.
Most of the speakers from the 80's and before had surrounds that could rot. Usually lasted 10 to 20 years and not a big deal to get repaired. There were some excellent and unique speakers from that era that were a bargain, compared to now. Granted, Mission 700's might not be worth the expense, but Infinity RS1b's ...
Every speaker that uses a foam surround instead of a rubber or paper surround is going to rot, period.
Refoaming kits are cheap and easy to use, and work well if done properly.
some of the foam one sees on modern drivers is made of rubber like fostex f200a
this isn't a brand issue, many/most brands have speakers that use foam surround drivers. It's a design choice.
Wilson speakers used foam until the most recent models. Whoever has the older versions have to pay big money every few years. Even the foam on the cabinet front needs to be changed! Wilson should charge less for the maintenence.
Advent Loudspeakers from the late 70's & 80's. I've refoamed mine twice and will keep doing it since they are still fun and sound good when stacked in parallel (I have 10 of these cuz I bought or took them back from all the people that bought them on my rec over the years).