Speaker brands known to use first class internal components

I've been watching some YouTube videos lately that explore speakers from different companies including checking what internal components they are using. I've been alarmed to see that some high-end (and very expensive) speakers have nice cabinets and drivers but really use dime store crossovers and wiring. Some where so flagrant that if I would have purchased those speakers I wouldn't just be disappointed, I'd be angry. One of the speakers I would consider buying are the Kef Reference 1 stand mounts (it's a little big to be called a bookshelf) but I would hate to pay $7,000 or more for a pair only to find out the internal components are sub par. Are there brands that can be purchased with "confidence"  (pun intended) that are sure to use top notch crossovers, wiring and speaker cable terminals? Thanks in advance
After buying brand new Millenium Tweeters/Seas, as suggested by Tech geek, as 1 tweet had lost 1/2 a  ohm vs  the other = $750 + all brand new highest quality Mundorf Caps, = $$$$$$$
Both together over $1500++
Thought the Seas Thors would be transformed into a  Super Thor...
absolute waste of money,,, so I trashed that experiement,, started experienting with wide bands.. 
And Bingo
Super Midrange, =cost $550.
There is no Seas/Scaspeak driver that can touch the Wide Band's in my system. 
Seems no one is listening to my mantra. 
You guys are really stuck on a  speaker merry-go-round.
The midwoofer/tweeter thing is not going to match a  high quality wide band. 
Us wide banders know what we have and we could never go back to midwoofer/tweeter as midrange.
For bass, midwoofers are great, For highs, tweets are OK, but not midrange. 
~~~Only as  supports~~~I have excellent bass and highs in the WBer, I use midwoofers and tweets only as ~~emblishments, nothing more. 
On their own they are crippled.The midrange suffers terrible lack of musicality. 
No matter how high priced xover caps you invest. 

hardly a merry go round, you have bought more speakers in the past month than i have in 4 years…..

Gear changer…..

Stick to Mozart
Being obsessive usually ruins the pleasures of life.

Build your own seems the only solution to me in your case. 

Being obsessive usually ruins the pleasures of life.
I do get your point but I'm glad nobody convinced Louis Pasteur of of this when he was developing a cure for rabies which up till then was always fatal. Or convinced Thomas Edison to quit obsessing over that light bulb thing. "Tom, what's wrong with candles they work fine" 
None of this is meant to be mean spirited. Some of us are just tinkerers and try to improve a lot of things we have in one way or another. Back in the 80's and 90's Mustang GT's and Cobras came with wimpy 2.73 or 3.08 gear ratios to please the regulators with higher CAFE mileage ratings. For a measly $400 or so putting in a 3.73 ratio would have you think you had an entirely different car. No comparison. I think a lot of us just try to channel the 1% we have of what Henry Ford had in spades. I know he was an SOB but that's an entirely different story
Maybe a better question would be "well known brands known to use junk parts off the five and dime shelf". There are quite a few ’high end’ companies that do fall into this category, many that would surprise us!
Whether these folks should be ’outted’ is also another good question?