Speaker brands known to use first class internal components

I've been watching some YouTube videos lately that explore speakers from different companies including checking what internal components they are using. I've been alarmed to see that some high-end (and very expensive) speakers have nice cabinets and drivers but really use dime store crossovers and wiring. Some where so flagrant that if I would have purchased those speakers I wouldn't just be disappointed, I'd be angry. One of the speakers I would consider buying are the Kef Reference 1 stand mounts (it's a little big to be called a bookshelf) but I would hate to pay $7,000 or more for a pair only to find out the internal components are sub par. Are there brands that can be purchased with "confidence"  (pun intended) that are sure to use top notch crossovers, wiring and speaker cable terminals? Thanks in advance
A number of years ago I had my B&W 801 speakers re-wired with Kimber cable and had the protective circuit modified. I asked my technician to replace any components on the cross-overs. He said he could not buy anything better than what was already being used.
Vandersteen for sure and drivers are precision matched and crossover tuned to a reference standard w drivers in Anechoic chamber. since 1977.

"I would hate to buy a pair of speakers that I absolutely love and are totally worth the money to me based on their sound and look, but I'd be devastated if I found out the internal parts weren't high quality."

Energy (rip)

 klipsch ruined a great company. It’s a shame!

great parts,cabinets, drivers, a once great company.

never had a chance to buy the veritas 2.?
What are you talking about arcticdeth, and why do you end a statement with a question mark?