Speaker Bass Reduction

Are there any other materials besides foam that people have used in the bass port of a speaker to reduce the bass? What type of material have others used in the bass port that is more dense than foam to reduce the speakers bass response? Thanks for your help.
Strictly speaking that doesn't reduce bass. Move the speakers around horizontally and vertically, try them against other walls. Try putting reflective material in the corners of your room. If all else failes get some high pass filters
I'd recommend first trying to relocate your speakers further away from any back or side walls. I would suggest a minimum of 5 or 6 ft out from the back wall and at least 3 feet in from the side-wall as a rough starting point.

On the other hand, it could also be your speaker cables. The Audience Au24 speaker cables are excellent at removing a very common time-smear and bloated bass and often times replacing the bloat and excess with some excellent deep, tight, well-defined, and extended bass.

Audience-av.com will set you up with a dealer who should allow you a 30 to 60 evaluation in your home so you have nothing to lose if they don't do the trick.

Strictly speaking, Mfkeleher should have qualified his statement above by concluding that he is sharing his opinion rather than mislead the reader to think what he says is fact.

Perhaps his experience is difference than mine when dealing with this issue. But he should at least know that there are a number of ways to skin this cat.

-IMO (I know I'm right, otherwise I'd change my opinion)
You have not told us what speaker you are having too much bass with which is crucial to know if you want to ameliorate this problem.If its a home brew speaker than there are a million ways to attack the problem but if its a commercial design than there is something wrong with the design/ and unless you have the speaker 2 inches from rear and side walls it isnt your placement.You should not have to buy some tuned cable to straighten this out as the speaker should synergize with the rest of your system without tweaks.The new generation or new hobbyists seem to think that tweaks are integral to a good system balance when the opposite is actually true.All components should perform beautifully on there own/together.
Surely bunging the ports with something solid is going to turn a ported design into a sealed (infinite baffle) design, which could mess up the crossover design and throw off the whole frequency response.

I'm with stehno .. distance from rear walls helps, as can speaker wire.
Doggonit, Brucege1! Just like Mfkeleher, you forgot to add the clause "in my opinion."

I guess the more dogmatic one presents one's opinion, the easier it is to convince one's self that they speak fact rather than opinion.

But I will not be swayed by such dogmatism! A non-sensical statement remains non-sensical, no matter how dogmatic one is in their presentation. Dogmatically, speaking of course.

-IMO <---- see, that's not so hard.
In my opinion,Stehno;our generation has become petrified of speaking with authority.What then is the wisdom of experience (30 years in the hobby)for?It's o.k. to believe what you believe wholeheartedly and it's even more important to not care one whit who likes or doesn't like it.I am after all a taurus.Lord knows we need more honest straight hip shot voices squanking in this wilderness of hype.
Stehno - In my opinion, If you have to be told specifically that what I write is my opinion then you probably have to be told way too many other obvious things for a communication thread sufficient to your peculiar needs to be of any interest to those with engaged brains. I might have made it clear that blocking the port was tantamount to engaging in speaker redesign witch is less likely to result in a high fidelity experience than the repositioning I recommended, but even then I trust that the average reader, or even the below average reader would have been able to figure out that it still was my opinion

If you really think that clogging the port is a good way to attenuate bass, I whould be interested in reading of your experiences or reasoning in this area.
Mfkeleher, I agree with you. For the most part anyway. As nearly everything anyone says is their opinion. Especially in a subjective hobby as this.

However, every once in a while somebody comes along making a statement with such emphasis, whether intentional or not, that they make a statement sound as though it is fact. When in fact the statement clearly is not (in my opinion).

I thought I saw two examples of this type of emphasis above and that's why I pointed it out.

Jeez guys, someone just asked for advice, and your rolling down your pants to see who's got the biggest one. Sigh..... It's already said: move you spekers away from the walls, block the ports with foam or roll up a sock and put it in (not to far, you have to be able to get it out).
It also might just be that your speakers just produce to much of the low stuff (small room, big speakers, etc). If that's the case, you might want to consider other, smaller speakers, or ones with more controlled low-end. Btw: this is all purely mu opinion, and all resemblance to actual things is pure coincidence. :)