Speaker Bass Port Bungs

Does anyone know of a company or manufacturer of bass port bungs for speakers. Or is there way to make your own and if so what material is best to use to control mid bass. Socks are not the answer! Looking for a type of device to use on my rear ported speakers.

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One Stereophile reviewer recommends wool socks. Why do you feel they aren't the answer?

Aerial Acoustics makes them for their speakers. As an option. I'll bet you they are high dollar styrofoam.
I just feel there is a better material to reduce bass boom other than socks.

Hi Samhgar2,
Closed cell foam is usually the answer, and it's not technically better than socks, but manufacturers do use tools to give them a perfect shape.

Try something like this, if you must have foam:
Socks may not be "the" answer but socks are definitely "a" answer. In other words, anything that restricts air flow through the port will change the ports tuning. There is no one answer but a whole range of them from no restriction to fully blocked. Since socks don't work you can jump all the way to something completely plugging like a wood plug with just enough foam or fabric around it to hold it in place.

Don't be surprised if even that's not enough. More likely you want to be looking at the room, speaker placement, and listening location.  
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I found a set from a pair of Verity Finn Speakers I owned years ago.  What size are the ports on your speakers? 
Does completely blocking a bass port, as in with something solid, change the dynamics of the woofers themselves?
Live hamsters are effective but it's hard to get them to stay put.

If they are round ports, you might google "expandable test plug".   It's a plumbing part.  That's what I use. 


@wolf_garcia :  "Live hamsters are effective but it's hard to get them to stay put."

It is all a matter of song selection.
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Focal always used closed cell foam when they uses to include them with some speakers. Buy a 2 inch thick sheet, roll it up, and stuff it in. Walmart sells it. Real cheap. Very effective.