Speaker Axis ?


Just curious if I'm missing something listening at a higher axis. The center of my Avalon's Ascendant tweeter is 36" and my listening chair(high back)puts my ears at 41". Is the difference enough to minimize imaging and soundstaging and if so what type of chairs are you using to adjust your ears to the tweeter height?

Sounds similar to my former situation. Can you tilt the axis of your speaker back? That should tell you if this exercise is worth pursuing.

Also: How tall are you? How high is your seat off floor? How far back from front plane of speakers do you sit?

If you haven't purchased furniture recently, get ready for some serious sticker shock.
Just slouch down in the chair and listen.

It is easier and cheaper to raise the speaker than the furniture, unless you use a barber chair for a listening seat.

I tend to prefer the tweeter to actually be just slightly higher than ear level on conventional speaker designs.
surely nobody has to tell you to listen for yourself and see?
I have always used the rule of same tweeter height as ear height in listening chair..So 41" and 41" for me.....I would assume that each speaker is different depending on the Dispersion of the tweeters but I always try to keep them close in height...I am no expert,for sure....
I'm 6'2" and my chair is 18" off the floor. I could remove the cushion but that would only put my ears at 39".
I do have outriggers on my speakers but that can cause issues in itself trying to tilt. Some speakers have a window like the Vandersteen and when you're in it, you'll get good resullts.

Thanks for the info and I'll do some experimenting!
My listening distance is 10' from the speakers
I bought a chair and left the feet off of it. It sounds like you don't have that luxury with yours.

I'd take your chair out of the room and get a stool and maybe some books to see if it helps to lower your sitting position.

If the high back is up at the back of your ears, that can also affect what you hear.

My ears are about 12" above the back of my chair.