Speaker Art / Soundfield speakers

Hi there, I'm just a guy simply enjoy music very much, currently I'm looking for a pair of near full range bookshelf size speakers, while in searching, the name "Super Clef" appears, anybody know that Speaker Art still in business? Anyway to contact them? Or I'll have to pick up a pair of Soundfield Monitor 1V2?
Bob Gross is the proprieter of Speaker Art is semi-retired from building
speakers full time but will most likely build you a pair if you want. In fact
ask him about the latest version of the Clef with the ribbon tweeter. I
have a pair of Super Clefs and have owned the Soundfield Monitor 1's (not
v2) as well. The M1's are a fantastic speaker and an insane value however
to me the Clefs were much better. I have not heard the v2 but im sure they
are very good speakers AJ is one hell of a designer. You can
contact Bob via Speaker Arts website.
Thanks for your feedback, actually I think there are not not many Super Clef owner, or they are pretty low profile as I can see, and you are one of them haha. I had tried to email Speaker Art, but unfortunately was unable to deliver the email? Can you provide the contact? Between, I've seen a lot of speakers with resonance problem, how do you feel about Super Clef? Will it be too big for small to medium room and get boomy? Also can share the price? What are the advantages of ribbon tweeter as compare to soft dome?
Yes not too many owners of these speakers in fact I only know of two other
members who have them. Speaker Art was pretty much a one man
operation and he didn't follow the typical audio business model of paying
for adverts in the audio rags. Had he done so I think his speakers would be
a common name within the audio circles albiet more expensive.

Between that and his limited dealership network his speakers fell under the
radar for most audio consumers. I think that was by design as he wanted to
stay small enough to maintain the quality and high value to cost ratio his
speakers are known for.
However those that do own them usually never part with them hence the
reason why you rarely ever see them on the used market.

As with any speaker proper placement will yield the best results. I am in the
middle of remodeling my house so I have them in a less than ideal room
about 12x12. Although they sound really good (no bass overload) they
sounded spectacular in the bigger room I had them in before.

Pricing: I think he had quoted me something like $3500 for a new pair but
that was over a year ago.

Can't comment on the ribbon vs soft dome either as I've only owned the
original clefs and the super's although one of the members on here who
owns the super clefs told me he recently heard the ribbons at Bob's house
and thought they were amazing.

As much as I love these speakers and highly recomend them keep in mind
there are a lot of very good monitors in that price range.

The best thing for you to do is go out and listen to as many speakers as
you can vs making a decision based on what you read in the forums.

Not sure why your email didn't go through but you can PM me for Bob's
contact info.
Thank you again for your valuable feedback. Sad to hear the price, I can't help but to blame inflation, the price is very high for me as I'm from Malaysia, so currently I think the Super Clef is not an affordable option for me, instead I'm looking maybe a pair of Mark & Daniel Ruby? Can you recommend some other options near to full range bookshelf speakers? I've heard few:

Ascend Acoustics Sierra-1
NHT Classic Three
Legacy Studio HD
Mark & Daniel Ruby
Soundfield Monitor 1 V2

Also, currently I own a pair of Wharfedale Denton 80th Anniversary Limited Edition bookshelf speakers, they look gorgeous, exactly the build and retro look I love, though they lack dynamic at extreme louder volume and certainly has some limitations, though at normal listening volume, it's a speaker that I will keep for very long, it is very easy listening and remains laid back less fatigue sound even crank to louder volume, while I got another entry level Wharfedale Diamond 122, it can go pretty violent, but does not resolve as good as Denton, it make music more refined and listenable...
Tough to make a recomendation without knowing your budget or what is available to you. Also what is your system comprised of? When I was looking for standmount speakers I had done quite a bit of research and when out and auditioned as many pairs as I could on top of buying maybe half a dozen pairs to try in my home.

After I got the Clefs I immediatley knew they were the sound I was looking for so I posted a want to buy for a pair of Super Clef's and got lucky and found a pair. Since then I have purchased a few other more expensive and well regarded monitors and floor standers but decided I would have to spend much more money to better them so I've lost interest in upgrading.

Long story short, any recomendation I could give would be based on my limited experience and my own research. Perhaps you should go through some of the threads on here since the topic of monitor speakers have been brought up many times before. Or post a new thread and see what responses you get. I'm sure Totem, Vapor, Ref 3a de capo and Sjofn will most likely get the nod among others. They were all on my list but had no way of auditioning them. Best of luck

hmm, now I realize that in the HiFi chain, speakers is the only infinite pitfall to fall into, I believe scientifically, source/DAC/amplifier/cables can pretty transparent and almost same in every setup if you does not add snake oil into the simple stuff, but speakers is not, arghhhh! I have to stop thinking higher price speakers, I think I'll aim for Mark & Daniel Ruby next!
Hi, I own a pair of Speaker Art "Odessy" speakers. I was a dealer for Bob back in the late 1990s. Heard his speakers at CES and was blown away. I visited him at his home in CA a few years ago.I heard the ribbon speaker and they were good. Not sure if they were better than my Odessy's. . He had health issues at the time but was still active with his speakers. He told me the he sole the last pair of Odessy speaker for $7,000. It is one of the best speakers I've heard as a dealer or consumer. Bob was challeged at promoting his wonderful product and screwed by some of the dealing he had. I never heard the Super Clefs.
His main skill was his crossover. Smooth. Overall I would say they have a British sound simialer to the best Rogers. 
I live in Grand Blanc MI. No longer a dealer but if anyone would like to hear them with an old Classe amp I'll love to have you over. Don't have a turntable. Still using an old modified Phillips CD player. Try ever once in a while to find something under a $1,000 that is as good but so far have not. Terry Duffy tdsd@att.net

Just went to speaker art web site. It has a new design featuring the super clef loudspeakers and a new version on the proklaim II.  Looks like Bob Gross is still,in business although getting up,there age wise I do believe. Jim yerkes
I just happened upon this thread. I have a pair of Speaker Art Super Clefs I am willing to part with if anyone is interested. I thought I would throw it out hear before posting them locally. I am in St Louis Mo. Tom Y
If I didn’t already own a pair I would snap these up in a heart beat.