Speaker Art Proklaim II

Has anyone heard these yet? They sound fantastic. Better than most of the best monitors out there. They are relatively unknown. They are designed by veteran speaker designer Bob Gross. He has a new speaker out called the super clef that sounds pretty good. The Proklaim II should be on your top list for best monitor speaker. If anyone has listened to the Proklaim II, let me know what you think about them. Happy Listening
I have heard many of the speakers from Speaker Art. These are as well as the rest of the line, FANTASTIC. These are the some of the best monitors I have ever heard. I highly recommend the Speaker Art Proklaim II.
The Proklaim I or II, (I lived with both) are possibly some of the most revealing, realistic, involving distortion free speakers I have ever been able to listen to for long periods of time without fatigue or whincing, on solid state or or single ended,which, by the way is a rarity in today's (listenable with tube-only type speaker) market. Although only known to a small elite group of true music aficionados with audiophile DNA, Bob Gross has been designing and building speakers for over 25 years,(I checked). Jim Schaeffer, former basoonist with the Atlanta Philharmonic owns a high end store in Roxboro,North Carolina called Hi Notes, introduced me to Speaker Art products several years ago. Peter Mitchel in a 1992 CES coverage issue of Stereophile, I believe, said the Proklaims are possibly one of the finest two way loudspeakers he has ever heard. I concur. (I presently am using the Super Clef Transmission Lines from the same manufacturer. Another unbelievably amazing speaker I shall comment on sometime in the near future)
They really are one of the best, if not the best sounding monitor out there. Why is it that no one have heard of these?
Tru, when people think of the best 10,000 dollar monitors. They think of the Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage and the Sonus Faber Extremas
Three years ago, I did T.H.E. Show with Bob Gross and his Prolaim speakers. Although we were sharing the demo room with a tube amp maker, we tried the Proklaims after hours
using an Edge M8 power amp and the Placette Active Linestage. The results were stunning. Several musicians were down the hall in the hotel lobby and heard the incredible, lifelike sound and came to the room thinking it was live music! The clarity and impact was as lifelike as I have heard.
Thanks for the comments, What did you guys like about the speakers when you heard them?