Speaker Art

Has anyone heard of the late Bob Gross of Speaker Art fame and builder of the Clef and Super Clefs? I've been building using his drivers and parts to his exact dimensions. I got his cabinets that he had built and crossover schematics from his wife. I've built the newer Clef 3's and a Clef Elite TL and I have to say that they are truly phenomenal sounding speakers I've ever heard. I also have one of his 2 pairs of the Clef Ribbon's that his wife gave me. I've been selling and helping his wife with the proceeds. If you've never heard of them you can hit me up if in the San Luis Obispo CA area for a listening session. Thanks 


I heard about them from another enthusiast in the Sacramento area who sang their praises; Super Clefs. Later I moved to Morro Bay and meant to check him out but never got around to it. Now he’s gone and I’m a state over. Missed opportunity.

I'm building them now and selling what he left of the drivers and cabinets. I'm going to have my wood guy make some of the TL Clefs 

@wjt3 he didn't have to much info on the speaker's. If you Google Super Clef they'll be an article on Soundstage. 


32-22khz +3 db 

8 ohm 

About 52lb each