speaker and sub for 300b SET


I'm looking for new speakers to run off my Cary 300sei and want something small to bring into my living room. I know you can't have your cake and eat it too with high efficient speakers so I want to add a sub to make up for it. I would actually prefer bookshelf speakers on stands since I'm limited in space and for aesthetic reasons. They will be seated next to my B&W 804 diamonds so I don't want things to look too overwhelming in my living room.

I looked at the popular choices of Omega and Zu. The Super 5 is the only Omega speaker that fits my size but most Zu speakers have small footprints with the Tone being the only bookshelf.

Would love to hear your opinions so let me know what you guys think.
The Omegas sound wonderful! I highly recommend them. Any of the "5 Series" would work great along with a Deep Hemp.
Well, I think that if you were ready for this type of speaker, you certainly would not include the 804 D in your main set-up.
You better look for a Proac Response 1 SC

There's a great pair of Coincident Triumph Extremes listed on Audiogon for $2k.