Speaker and IC Cable recommendations for Simaudio Moon 600i - Focal Sopra 3

I would love to hear any recommendations and why.  
My music room is has full carpet and what I would call level 1 sound treatment (first reflection and bass traps).  So a bit on the damped side, but I don't feel overly so.  
I'm pretty certain I want copper cables (I pretty much only have experience with Transparent w/ Wilson+ARC which I liked), but I'm saying that because I believe the Focals may be a bit much with silver. 
I've been considering:
-Kubala Sosna
-Going back to Transparent
Anybody have any experience with Simaudio-Moon and Focal? 
I need 8' speaker cables and 1.5m XLR ICs.  
Budget is about 3k.  I'm open to used cables for the value. 
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I don't know about 1.5m XLR. Anything not standard 1m can be hit or miss. Could be you find a killer deal, because nobody wants to buy the longer length some poor schlub has to sell. Or just as likely you find hardly any selection and wind up being the poor schlub who has to buy new. 

Either way try and find Synergistic Research, as they have by far the greatest number of consistently good cables across the years and price ranges. So just about anything you find within your budget will probably make you real happy. 

Now with speaker cables I can wholeheartedly recommend Synergistic Research Element CTS with Active Shielding. Awesome cables. $7500 new and about the best available anywhere back in the day, used ones come up and depending on length you should be able to get a pair for around $1200-1500, something like that. You will be staggered. Then for hardly any more you swap out the diodes and caps in the Active Shielding wall wart power supplies. You can do this yourself for peanuts or send them to Michael Spallone (find him here on audiogon) who has found the best sounding diodes and caps and will replace the circuit board with point to point wiring and ship them back to you fast and for a price so good I just let him do it. Because I know the difference they make and don't want the hassle of comparing diodes. The modest price he charges for the impressive improvement you get is well worth it. 

So that's your reason for going CTS: sounds great, upgradeable.
@millercarbon  Thanks so much for the great recommendations on cables, and for the tips on a value tweak!

There’s someone on US Audiomart selling an 8ft. pair of Acoustic Zen Hologram II cables for $595 and a 1.5m pair of Silver Ref II XLR interconnects for $550 (each retailed for $1500 new) including shipping.  Thinking you could get them for a little less if you buy both.  I describe their sound as nicely detailed and natural sounding with excellent imaging and 3D soundstage.  Despite the silver I don’t find them to have that hyper-detailed sound frequently associated with silver wires, but they’re also not going to tone down the upper octaves if you’re looking for pseudo tone control.  If that’s what your looking for I’d skew more toward Kubala Sosna or maybe some Cardas models.  At this price you could give the AZs a shot and if one or both don’t work just turn around and sell them for little/no loss, which is a nice perk especially with wires as they’re so system dependent.  Hope this helps, and best of luck.