Speaker and Cable Suggestions Please

Greetings, some time ago (maybe over a year ago) I asked for some advice as to what tube integrated amp to buy. It was to be my first tube amp and I needed a lot of help. After a long search and much study, I decided on an ARC VSi75. Now I need your help again. I currently have a pair of Focal Aria 926. My listening room is small, 15'7" x 11'7" (4.75m x 3.5m).

I'm looking for a speaker for a near-field situation that extends into the upper mids and high frequencies. Since my amp puts out 75 watts of output, I need something with decent sensitivity, say at least 91db. I also need new speaker cables. I'm using circa 1980s Monster Cable now.

One more consideration, I have lost some hearing due to a neurological autoimmune condition. Yet, when I auditioned Paradigm Persona Bs recently through an ARC, I could here all the sound that I remember hearing when I was a teenager. The point being, I know that upper range I'm chasing is possible I just don't know if it's achievable on my budget. I have about $4,000 to spend on speakers and cables. I was thinking about DH Lab Q-10 for cables and the rest for speakers. What do you guys think? I don't mind buying used. Thank you.

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@diminishedchord hook up VSi75 with your speakers. It should have no issues driving the Arias. You can experiment with 8 or 4 ohm taps and land on whatever sounds best. Get a baseline for the sound you’re getting. The Aria 926 are pretty competitive and with the right amp will sound very good. You can then either upgrade the cables or research what speakers to get next but keep in mind, again, the 926 are not garbage. 


Definitely check out the Dynaudio line of standmounts. Your integrated has the power to drive them, and these are speakers that get great owner reviews as well as critic reviews. Yes, the Harbeths, Spendors, and ProAcs are great as well, but imo, Dynaudios are quite frankly just as good and even better in their high frequency naturalness.

Oh, and you'll be fine with 12g stranded cable with good connectors... don't misdirect your money on $$ cables.


I remember early on I was inclined to get expensive speaker cables immediately, I think to throw everything at the speaker purchase to make sure I could hear a difference that would justify the financial outlay I made for the speakers. I would not be surprised if that isn’t common. Lots of time there is a lot of anxiety on these large purchases.


Over time, the anxiety disappeared with experience and confidence in my judgement increased and I started making more logical decisions and worked in stages to upgrade my system.