Speaker/Amp match

Any recommendation for Speaker/Amp match
My speaker is Thiel cs 3.7

Thank you very much for helping
I have heard the 3.7s on many occasions with many amps. (including my own) I have said this a bunch, but there is something special going on with the Krell amps and Thiel speakers. The best I have heard the 3.7s (in order of preference) is with the Evo 600 monoblocks, Evo 400, FPB 650M monoblocks, Mcintosh 1201 monoblocks, Ayre M-xr monos, All were very nice systems. But the krell/Thiels went from very good to having the WOW factor going on.
This is a matter of personal taste.

That being said you'll need an amp with some horsepower; there are many to choose from.

Make sure you audition the amp(s) with your speakers.
Thanks Tom

Anyone else has a chance to audit the cs 3.7 with different amp?