Speaker / Amp Choices for a Large Room

I've just moved out of a small Duplex, where my QLN monitor speakers performed quite admirably in a 20' X 12' space, to a new home with quite a large listening room. The room is 60' X 32', it's an open plan setting with no partioning walls between living/dining. The ceiling is 26' in an apex shape. The room seems acoustically quite good, a little slap-echo which I can work on with furniture placement and maybe some acoustic dampening material if needed. Anyway, this is a great room for music, but I need to completely re-think my system and would really appreciate some help.

I've setup my QLN's 6' into the room, and 9' apart, with some toe-in. The listening seat is 20' away with 6' behind the seat. I've tried moving closer, but prefer the more expansive soundfield over the detail of nearfield listening.
The problem starts with bass, or lack of. There just isn't any real bass in this size room, and I've tried pulling the speakers forward and also moving them to the front wall. Image placement is good, also stage width is fair, but not really adequate considering the 25' clearance between the speakers and the side walls. Image height is poor, with performers seeming to be Hobit sized...(just watched LOTR...lol).
Anyway, I think it maybe about as good as it can get with small speakers and a small tube amp (Conrad CAV 50 integrated) in a larger room.
So I would appreciate any input into what I might do to improve the present setup, and what route I should take for a change in system components. I have about $4k to spend on Audiogon, plus whatever I can get for my CJ (about $1400 approx).
I listen to some jazz, classical, Pink Floyd, Beck, acoustic...Chieftains type to stuff...pretty varied.

I'd really like to audition a pair of Maggie 3.6R's, but can't find a local dealer. I auditioned a pair of Quad 63's a few years ago and owned a pair of 57's, but the sound didn't really do it for me, so I'm reluctant to splash on a used pair of Maggies and have to go through all of the shipping hassles to find that they don't work.

Suggestions please!
I've had some great advice on this board that has helped shape my system, now I guess I'm starting over.
Components are (all for sale if interested):
Audio Alchemy DDS Pro Transport
DTI 32 with I2s
Pioneer DV-47AI SACD/DVD
CJ Integrated CAV 50
QLN Speakers with external crossover on Target R 3's
Assorted cables - nothing fancy, stock power cords etc.

I like what I've read about Audio Physic, but is this room too large for Virgo's??
I remember listening to a pair of LINN Isobarik's (the larger model, not the Sara'). These were placed in a room larger than mine, powered with active Naims and the usual LP12/Ittok/Troika setup (this was back in early 90's). The sound was incredible, particularly on orchestral music where the full scale, weight and impact was effortlessly conveyed.....that's the kind of thing that I'm looking for!

Thanks for any help you can offer and for reading this long post!!
hello is any other smaller room available? In a room of that size you need speakers which can really move alot of air example Genesis 201 or similar and highly powered tube amps[a excellent example VTL REFERENCE 750's]or "yeah right" solid state amplifiers
Well horns and tubes are one thought on your budget, most of the newer stuff (Large speakers) will eat up your budget with nothing left for an amp to push them with if you go with speakers that are power hungry. Some of the older large speaker systems still hold their own and can be had at a good price if you can find a mint pair. Some that come to mind are

Snell Type A's
Mirage M1 or M3's
Kef 107's
Ads 2030's

These can crank high spl's in large rooms without strain and are very audiophile in nature, this would leave $4,000 or so for amp and preamp. The Maggies would sound great but would not give high spl's in this room without subs and high powered amps (out of your budget).

Bottom line, if you want deep bass...your gonna need to move large amounts of air.

You might try integrating a subwoofer into your setup before resorting to more drastic and expensive alternatives.
I have a similar room. In my experience, it will be hard to get spl's much higher than 96 and only when in the "zone".

I use electrostats now. The music from the planars is excellent when you are a far distance away from the "zone". The music is amazing when I am forty feet away from the speaker using panels. Dynamic speakers just lost everything at that distance. Roaming around your big room will be more pleasurable with planars.

Consider a big electrostat or panel speaker, maybe with stereo subs. At least you wonÂ’t have problems with room nodes caused by subwoofers.