Speaker advice please for Bryston B60...

I have a Bryston B60, and am looking to match up a set of speakers. I will be listening from about 8-9 feet, the speakers will have to be close to the wall. The room has high ceilings, and a hardwood floor (with a rug covering just part). I would definitely prefer a small footprint, if not small period.

Some earty thoughts, though I haven't auditioned any yet, are the ProAc Tablette 50 (would the B60 be too bright?) and Audio Physic Spark.

Thanks very much for all input!

I like Audio Physik much more than ProAc, in fact I would say that if you choose the Sparks, your speakers will outlast your amp--because you'll upgrade the amp first. But that's my taste.

Your room will likely sound bright-ish (which is better than dull and overdamped, in my book). You might prefer a slightly warm-sounding speaker for that reason. The BP-60, if I remember correctly, is quite sweet and liquid already. If it were not for the close-to-wall situation, I would suggest Meadowlarks.

But there are _so_ many speakers, and although you say what amp you've settled on, you don't mention your source or the kind of music you like.

One speaker I've heard recently and liked a lot is the Aurum Cantus Leisure 3 SE. It has a very smooth (and extended) high end, but it is rear-ported. It can't go against a wall, but it might go close enough for you.

Canadian distributor's Aurum Cantus page
I used to run a Bryston B-60 with a pair of Soliloquy 6.2's to good effect in a small room. I would think for a smaller room the 5.3's would work very well also. Have fun, that's a great little amp.
I am running ACI speakers with my Bryston gear. Try the sapphires with an ACI sub
Try PMC's.
All PMC speakers have been designed using Bryston amplification and their 'activated' studio monitors come with Bryston amps.
Second the PMC's.

I have heard great thing about the GB-1. Since it has a smaller driver its very fast, but due to the floor-standing transmission line it has bass to 29hz.

I also have heard the TB2 with my own ears and it sound quite nice.

There is good synergy between Bryston and PMC.
i've heard Vandy 1C played through the B-60, sounded very nice
I had the Bryston B60 (fabulous piece!)...I will echo the previous recommendations, PMCs...they are great performers and an excellent value.

I would also consider Legacy speakers...classics or sig 3's...these are excellent speakers and very easy to drive...I had my Bryston driving some Legacy Sig3's to great effect.

NOT that the Bryston isn't extremely muscular for a 60WPC into 8ohms rated amp...but I'd look for higher sensitivity/easier load speakers (be careful though impedance/sensitivy ratings can be tricky (if not intentionally deceiving)...speakers may be an easy load for some parts of the audio spectrum...and much higher for others)...you need overall ease of drive.

You are lucky in one respect...the Bryston is extremely portable...grab that integrated and take it to some prospective speakers (Granted...the system will not sound the same as in your listening area...but will give you a baseline)

Contrary to those who believe that wire is just wire...your speaker wire and interconnect choice is crucial too...in my opinion, they can change the sound characteristics considerably. Don't scrimp on/ignore the cables. I found that the Alpha Core speaker cables complemented the Bryston very well...and were a good value....