Speaker Advice ?

I currently own a pair of Mirage M3si,s and thinking i may want to upgrade can anyone give me thier opinion on either Dunlavy,s or Thiel,s Thanks, Chuck;
Hi. I love Mirage (for my home theater setup, I use 8 Mirage speakers including Sub). BUT, it sounds like you might be talking 2-channel. I use Totem (Mani-2's) for 2-channel which are great in the under $4k range. I don't know what your budget is, but I have also heard that the new Dynaudio line is killer! (Confidence 3's- ~ $8k USD I believe). Sorry- can't comment on the Dunleavy (or even spell it correctly obviously!!) or Thiel. Good luck!! Sutts
I owned Mirage M3Si's and like them very much. Ugraded to ML ReQuest and these were certainly better in many audiophhile ways, but the M3's still had a place in my heart. After buying Avalon Eclipse ($3800 used), there is no room in my heart for any other speaker. The Avalons reach my soul like no other speaker I've tried. I'm sure there are other great speakers, but you cannot go wrong with the Eclipse. Unless you really like playing very loud, I think the Eclipse are MUCH better than the Arcus. I also owned Thiel 1.2's about 10 years ago. Cannot comment on the new or larger siblings, but the Thiel was very transparent for the money, though overall much more lean than the Mirage's. Good luck, Greysquirrel
I had a pair of Definitive Technology BP20's and switched to Thiel's CS3.6 a couple of years ago. I can recommend them highly. They are a fantastic speaker, but you have to be careful that your amp can handle them. They are a bit more demanding. There are a lot of very good speakers out there. Audition as many as you can keeping in mind your associated equipment and the room they're going in.