What is the speaker shown in the Sandra Bullock movie?
I’m pretty sure it’s the same brand that’s in that Mathew McConaghauey movie!
I'd be careful with gear seen in movies if I were you. 
MC ... be sure to keep a good distance between your turntable and your Hot Stampers. 

Nice XKE, by the way. 

Hello millercarbon,

It appears that guy's system had explosive dynamics but tended to overheat a bit.

en fuego,
The early Tru-Lift had a few kinks.
I told him not to use the anti-skate on a Pro-ject arm. 
Movies with Sandra Bullock are all pretty much bullocks
Atta boy, Tim. Love your avatar. 

The Ben Foster character went to the garage where he dragged the cover across the paint of a gleaming valuable collector car, while leaving a record playing. Bishop was right to take this guy out. No class.
Better yet...

What actor/character performed an incredible scene (one that I can relate to anyway) with a Marantz 6300 turntable?

And, while we are @ it...

Which Hee-Haw episode showed the best cleavage?

Trick question: all of em!

The most incredible scene like that was upon the potters wheel. Alas, no video, only this song https://youtu.be/MDgGmiHxlTA?t=114
millercarbon:" Atta boy, Tim. Love your avatar."

Hello mc,

     True story: I was in town and was taking a selfie to use as my avatar when a couple passing by offered to take my picture, instead.
     I'm glad they did since all my selfies made me look a bit odd.

     I like your avatar picture, too.  I can tell yours wasn't a selfie, either.  It's too natural just like mine.  We both know you can't fake natural.

Mine is a portrait. Shot by Tim Burton.

     Ha!  Mine's a digital photo but I'm thinking of losing the battle proven and stylish metal alloy suit and helmet.
     It's been great for developing my look, survival and attracting the chicks.  But at the beach with my speedo and sandals, I'm thinking it may not be quite summery enough.  That stupid helmet is hot as an oven on sunny days and I'm always bumping my head getting in and out of my Lamborghini.
     I'm thinking of switching to wearing just a baseball cap backwards, a doo rag or a beanie with a propeller.