SPDIF/Toslink splitter

I recently purchased the Ayre Acoustics Codex DAC. I am going to be using it on a Bluesound Vault 2 which I’ll be picking up Saturday. I only have 2 inputs. One is USB and the other is SPDIF/Toslink. I’m going to use that Toslink for the Bluesound. I also have a CD Transport which has Balanced, Toslink and Coaxial outputs. I would like to be able to plug into the new DAC vs my Proceed AVP2’s DAC. I saw they Toslink signal splitters. Does anyone know if when using one of these devices you compromise sound quality. If not, are there better ones to buy than others? I guess worse case scenario is I can still plug the CD into the AVP2 which still sounds excellent. It’s just I’m really impressed with the Codex and would like to be able to use it but don’t want to compromise sound quality at all. Thoughts??
the cheap one will notably degrade the already compromised toslink sound quality. A quality one will probably contain re-clocking. Which will delay a signal somewhat. So a quality one may be a problem inf the application is delay sensitive, like a HT install.

I opened up my cheap $50 toslink splitter and modified it all to heck, in all the requisite ways. No dice. Still a degradation compared to a direct toslink hook-up.

Coaxial-electrical is the better way to go, if you can. Avoid toslink optical as much as is possible.
I'd be curious to hear what Toslink splitters folks recommend. I've got 2 Toslink-only sources (TV and Chromecast) but only one Toslink input on my DEQX. 
I've been doing some research and alot of stuff I've read, it almost seems as if Toslink used with a good quality cable is more the cable is choice these days vs Coaxial. There is no contact with the other component so there's less conflict with nose threshold. Really curious, anybody else have anything else to offer in regards to splitting SPDIF/Toslink signal without compromising sound quality. I also read a couple articles that claimed since your splitting 1's and 0's, there is virtually no loss especially if a good quality cable is used. Not sure??