SPDIF suggestion

So here's the story. I have a W4S DAC1 with factory upgrades of low ESR caps and a Femto clock. I'm using a Simaudio 260D as a transport.

Some time back I asked about a digital cable and one suggestion that intrigued me was the Black Cat Silver Silver Star 75 which I bought. It replaced a generic 75 ohm cable I got on eBay. I think the silver Star is very smooth and balanced but the bass is not the most dynamic.

So I ordered a Belden 1694a from Blue Jeans. The cable sound more extended at both frequency extremes. Annoyingly so, in fact, to the point I get a headache.

So I call a well known company with a cable library. They recommend 2 cables- first is the Silver Star and the next is an Acoustic Zen cable, the MC2= which I later find out is a 110 ohm cable thus really shouldn't even be in the running here.

So I want something more than the Silver Star, and something that's not an impedance mismatch.

Suggestions? Willing to go to $400 and pre-loved is ok!
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Synergistic, Audioquest, Kimber, and if you can find one, they do show up used now and then is the Goldmund Lineal .. It was my favorite back in the day..
Been through quite a few of these. The 2 that I like really well are one, the Oyaide DR-510 (RCA to RCA) or the DB-510 (BNC to BNC). This is a very very nice sounding digital cable. Very even handed and nicely detailed.

Two, Steve of Empirical Audio makes a SPDIF cable that is absolutely killer also. This gives a very precise presentation and is quite extraordinary.
Canare......spending more is foolish.
Audioquest VDM 5 is a great bargain if you can get one. It is the latest audioquest deleted model that was second from the top of the line. Well balanced with a heavy dose of just good attributes. Highly recommended because most audioquest stuff is really good for the money and bats mostly right up the middle. Hard to go wrong in getting something very good for the money. I use mine between a sim audio 300d v2 dac and a theata pearl transport. Hope that helps. Just my opinion though.
Think Wireworld Starlite.
Very pleased with Green Hornet these days