Hi all im having a pit of a problem i have just put in a spdif backpate in my pc connected to the motherboard spdif header I am connecting to a sony 5.1 str-k740p amp i have sound running through each speaker.The problem is when i launch the realtex console it all shows up but none of the settings work i cant test the speekers or even turn the sound up or down if i use the icon on the taskbar the sound works fine and it shows in realtek  the sound volume going up or down.I have uninstalled the drivers downloaded the drivers from the motherbord site and tried driver booster but no luck the digital audio is set to default and restarted a few times still nothing.
I am running.Windows 10 pro.Ryzen 3600x.Nvidia RTX 2070.16GB DDR4.Gigabyte B450M S2H motherboard.Any help would be apriciated thanks mark.
Looks like a Windows computer problem. I doubt you are going to get much help on this forum, but it sounds like a setup or configuration problem for the Realtek console. For whatever reason, it seems it is currently not controlling your PC's audio. I suspect your answer will come from some Google searches along the lines of "Realtek console not working" or similar. Or see if Realtek has its own help desk or discussion forum. 
Agreed that audiogon isn't likely to be of much assistance.  If you don’t get help from the above sources, maybe also try posting at: https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/pc-based/

In my experience diyaudio is one of the friendliest, most helpful corners of the internet. I wish this place had their culture...

I agree with the above comments. Only thing I would add is check your BIOS make sure there isn't a setting for that header you've overlooked. 
thanks guys for the responce i will check the bios as well cheers