Spatial M4 TS vs Magnepan LRS

Considering the Spatial M4 or the LRS for a dedicated music room...13 x 12 x 8 . Power would be a Manley Stingray I pod or a Forte FT 1.5 / Audio Research SP 9 MK III.I listen to an Emerald Physics CS 3 now and have lived with Magnepan MG II for years. I like the EP,s but hate the needed external eq. The Spatials looked very interesting until all the hoopla with the LRS’s. Not sure if the Stingray could power them, but think the Forte could.  Has anyone compared the two or have any thoughts. 

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I’ve owned Magnepan 1.7is, and the Spatial M4 Turbos S’. The Spatials are the far superior speakers IMO. I’ve also owned the M4 Triode Masters which can easily compete with some $6K speakers I’ve heard. The Magnepans sounded like the $2K speakers they are. They have good microdynamics, especially in the upper bass (and only if you crank them), and good imaging depth, otherwise nothing special.

The Spatials are also quite easy to drive.
I agree the Spatial's are a more complete product and much easier to drive.
I heard the Maggie .7 and much prefer the Spatials.
Thanks ,  Is the jump to the Triode Master something I should strive for? I can swing $2000.00 now . I think the Manley should power either one nicely, but sounds like there is more to it. I can hope some used ones come available with the X’s coming to market. 
I'd say the TMs are approximately 10% better. Occasionally he has "demo" pairs for a discount.
The TM's have the better compression driver and are an easier load for tube amps.
Would the M4TS at 4 ohms make a better match for the Stingray’s 5 ohms ? Does that matter ? The TM are 12 ohm. Thanks guys.
I did notice some weird frequency peaks with the TM's running off the 8 ohm taps of my Rogue CM-II. With some recordings that are very familiar, I was hearing background noise that I know is supposed to be too low in level to be audible. So I question the flatness of the TM's impedance curve.

I ran the Turbo S' for a short time off the 8 ohm taps, and I don't recall hearing anything unusual, though I don't recall if I used some of the same recordings. I was surprised by how neutral they sounded running off the 8 ohm taps. 

For my needs, if I were to purchase Spatials again, I don't know that I'd bother with the TM version unless I was running a low power SET amp. And the only difference I could tell between the TM and Tubo S compression drivers is that the TM driver has a diaphragm that's also open to the rear, while the Tubo S' is capped at the rear. So the TM is a true di-pole speaker, and the Turbo-s is only half di-pole, with only the woofers emitting sound to the rear. 
Ahaha, that would make sense. Great info. The Manley runs 40 Watts in ulterliner and 20 in Triode at 5 ohms. It would seem the only question that remains is Red,White or Black ! Thanks for the feed back, as a kid I always needed to be pushed into the pool.
I heard the Spatial’s at last years Capital Audiofest. Along with Linear Tube Audio gear, they were in my top 5 rooms at the show. Including the unlimited $ systems. I’ve never heard the Maggie’s sound this good.