Spatial Audio X3 Open Baffle Loudspeakers

What at do you think?
Nice speakers, nice sound, and informative. Thank you for the post, as I am interested in hearing these live.

But any decent speaker of decent clarity can play the kind of music you played and play it well. If that is the only type of music you play, then they are awesome speakers. But for me, where I find most "hi-fi" speakers (systems) falter is then also playing energetic music with brass or electric guitars. That's when I hear high frequency hash to the point of being unbearable for me, or causing immediate tinnitus. Or the bass gets to be overpowering, so much so that it is not enjoyable.  How do these fare with rock and roll? (I don't expect a perfect, live performance sound, but they must at least still be enjoyable, or at least not cause me to wince. I want both types of music to be enjoyable.)
I'm very interested in open baffle speakers too,but the only way to audition would be to be to buy and have them shipped,sigh....I would love to hear how they do blasting out some Zeppelin.I've mulled over trying an inexpensive speaker "Betsy" from Canuck Audio just to get a taste of that type of presentation.I've got subs to make up for the Betsy's lack of bass.I've heard them in the Decware sure and am curious.
I'm using Emerald Physics speakers, which Spatial's designer(Clayton Shaw) created earlier.   Virtually identical tech.   If interested in hearing the presentation, offered by an open baffle and coincident mid/tweet design and you're anywhere around Indianapolis.........
Let me assure anyone reading this thread that the X3s do very well with complicated music like large jazz ensembles, hard rock, and even metal. They are very even handed and don’t overwhelm with bass. I haven’t been able to trip them up with anything in my collection.

BTW rodmann, the X3s is a  departure of sorts in that they don’t use a coincident driver, but an AMT high frequency driver and dedicated midrange driver.
Good to know, I was behind the curve(that's a major departure).....thanks!
If anyone in Oregon (Portland area) have any of the Spatial models? I've been thinking of purchasing a pair for a while now. 
You might want to post this in the Spatial forum on audio circle.
I’m about to pull the trigger on the M3 Sapphires. Haven’t seen any reviews of those yet. 
I was super interested. 
I own  The M3 hologram turbo S and have talked w Clayton by phone and at shows. My guess is that these new models will give you “truth” in reproduction. I also know that the model I own will absolutely blow the doors off of some Zeppelin. They will absolutely ROCK!!!!! But give a call and talk to Clayton. He will be honest about the strength and weaknesses of his designs. He’s out to make happy listening and is honest if he feels his design won’t do what you want. Great guy w a company that excels at customer service!!! The new designs look like a step up from the m3/m4 entry into Spatial’s line and of speakers . 
FYI: I have not heard the model you are interested in. I just know that Spatial is dedicated to great sound and innovation. 
Now I'm really intrigued.Thanks for starting the thread sumoking!
Caintuck Audio for the Betsy …. 
Caintuck Audio for the Betsy ….

Yes, that is one example of an extremely cheap OB speaker. But not on a level with Clayton’s offerings.

Open panel speakers are the way to go particularly in the mid range as there is less room interaction and you avoid enclosure resonance problems. I have made two pair of open panel speaker one was for a patient with muscular dystrophy who is a music teacher at our local high school. I used Focal drivers which use to be available. They only sell Auto stuff now. The panels were made of two outside layers of solid surface material and an inside layer of MDF. I got a midrange driver that would go down nicely to 100Hz and used a 48db/oct digital cross over down to subwoofers. He also has room control. The plates were small, 10 X 16 inches and we hung them from the ceiling with chains 3 feet from the wall. If you walked in there blind folded and listen to a few cuts you would have a very hard time believing you were listening to such little speakers. Very pleased with the results. I do not understand why more manufacturers do not do this. With the parts we have now like ribbon coils you could dress up the back of the speaker like art work. I think it looks cool and they are small so I can't believe the wife would mind.

I pulled the trigger on the M5 Sapphire based on all of the praise I've read about Spatial plus my conversations with Clayton. They have shipped this week and I should be receiving them any day. I'm really hoping they're everything that people say.


@audionoobie what color did you pick?
Please update as you go along.I'm really interested in your impressions and set up tips,how they work with your amp,etc.Congrats on your purchase!
Of course the Betsys wouldn't be in the same league as the Spatials.But they are so inexpensive that it might be worth experimenting with just to see how an open baffle would work in your room.In my case it would involve moving the room treatments around and integrating the subs with them.For less than the price of a pair of cables or a couple of tubes it may be a worthy experiment.

@vuongp Walnut

@jtcf Thanks! Will do!

You must hear Diesis Audio open baffle speakers!!!
I am truly intrigued by the new X Series. Currently own the M4 Turbo S plus a Rythmic/GR sub, and really enjoy them. Connected to an Auralic Altair streamer/pre-amp, Rouge Atlas Magnum amp, Denafrips ARESII DAC.

As I consider upgrading to the X5, I seek opinions whether these would be too high in quality compare to the rest of my equipment and worth the cost?

I've owned the M3 Turbo S for about a year. It is a truly an amazing speaker and represents one of the greatest values in hifi today. I was just about to order the X5 when I happened on a deal on another (dual concentric) speaker pair that I couldn't refuse.
I feel your associated gear would be well up to the level of the X5 since you'll only need to drive the AMT and 12" mid with your Rogue amp. Depending on your room size, you may not even need your subwoofer since you'll have 2 12" open baffle subs.

If you can't tell, I'm still really excited about the X series even through I didn't choose them this time around, and have hopes for obtaining a pair in the future.
Since cost and value appear to be of concern, one thing to consider is actual depreciation on any new gear...if you're one to swap regularly. You're probably aware that your M4s will be worth half of what you paid regardless of age. And the X5 will take the same hit as soon as they come out of the packaging. They don't hold value like McIntosh or Accuphase, but not much else does.