Spatial Audio speakers sound best with Solid state or tube amps. If so, which models?

Do you have Spatial Audio speakers in your system? Do you use solid state or tube amps to drive them, and if so what models sound best?
Hi PePorter

I have the Spatial Audio M4 Turbo speakers. I'd say whatever amp you have make sure that amp can handle a 4 ohm or lower load. I was powering these M4s with a restored Accuphase E202 integrated and was getting all sorts of distortion at medium to high volumes. I then tried a pair of Response Audio BellaMax 60 monoblocks that use 6C33C tubes and have 4 ohm taps as well. These monoblocks make my Spatial Audio M4s sing nicely. IME the Spatial Audio M4 Turbos also play well with Red Dragon M1000 version 1 monoblocks too.

Specs of the M4s.
Do you have the Turbos or the Turbo S ? Have you heard both?
Hi Peporter

Sorry. I only have heard the M4 Turbo S. I didn't want to bother with the regular one at the time as I had the funds to get the Spatial Audio M4 Turbo S.
My M1 sound wonderful using a 300B 8watt Triode of Japan integrated Amp. I get rock volume levels in a 14X20 foot room.
cjronica that is amazing! How long have you had the system? What other components are you using?
TTW Turntable with copper platter, Arvo tonearm, Ortofon Cardenza Bronze Phono Cartridge and Triode of Japan CD Player. PS Audio Premier Power Plant and Acoustic Zen Cables. I also have A NAD S 100 Amp but prefer The Tubes
I have the M4 Turbos powered by a Class D Audio SDS-250. Sounds good. Most of my listening is done using a Squeezebox Touch and Schiit Mimby.
The M4's were a nice step up from Maggie MMG's.
Mine replaced Maggie 1.7 with DMW Sub
fr8dog, was the Class D Audio SDS-250 the only model available when you bought? Just wondering why you didn't get the SDS-500? And, did you buy a kit or a complete amp with case?
I had been interested in the 470 because my speakers (MMG's) went down to 4 ohms. A used 250 became available (also 4 ohm) so I jumped on it. The amp was complete. Does what I need it to do. Drives my speakers and doesn't turn my room into sauna.
Looks like the 500 is only rated for 8 ohm loads. What speakers do you have?
A pair of Silverline SR 11s' driven by  an AR SP14, Mark Levinson No. 311, and a Velodyne Digital Drive 10. Bought the SR 11s' here on AG, and got stiffed by the seller. Didn't have a system to test them with when they first came in, and didn't have for 6 months. Hooked them up and discovered a blown woofer. Tried to reconcile with the seller, but all I got was "They were working perfectly when I shipped them." So I bit the bullet and rebuilt them with replacement drivers and crossovers from Maddisound. Then, I started reading to reviews on the Spatial Audios, and they seem a perfect match for a 35 watt tube amp I have that I just love. Yes, i know it's madness.....but the perfect sound is just around the corner.....and now there are reasonably priced class D amps that show promise, especially with the Spatial Audios.....
MMG's go below 3 ohms at times, never run Maggies without a amp rated for 2 ohms.
peporter- nice gear!. One of the attractive qualities of the Spatials is the sensitivity. Seems to be a lot more choices for amps. I'm gonna try something different. Maybe tubes, or the new amp coming out from Schiit. Another good quality is how O/B interacts in my room. It's 11X12X9, not ideal dimension wise, but it is dedicated. The bass on these speakers is incredible. Nothing like I've heard before. Hard to describe. Not deep, but very detailed.
Sorry to hear about you getting stiffed. I've been fortunate.
Spatial has just come out with a new model M3 Triode Master. It was designed for low powered Tube Amps.
I just recently bought a pair of the Triodes.

I'm still dialing them in, and have tried a few different amps.
A pair of DIY 40watt KT88 based tube monos, Naim 5i 50watt integrated SS, and the a tuned PrimaLuna.

the Monoblocks made the highs and mids sound the best of th three,but at the expense of the bass. The Naim did well, but really lacked headroom and broad dynamics and momentum. Remember, a 50 watt Naim is more akin to a respectable 100 watt Sony/Yamaha/Pioneer.

iMO, this Triode model may not be as easy to drive as once thought. I mean, there are 2 large 15" cones with an additional compressed driver on the upper cone for the upper frequencies. So I think, naturally, they will need enough power to push those big drivers.

the PrimaLuna Dialogue HP Premium with stock PrimaLuna EL-34s and 12AU7s, on the other hand, manhandled the Triodes from top to bottom. I just need to upgrade the stock tubes to get where I want

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I was at Linear Tube Audio for a visit and they had a pair of Spatial M3's I think, driven by a ZOTL40 and the sound was very, very good. In fact better than the other speakers in his showroom that day.