Spatial Audio M4 Turbo S. Is its design competitive with other baffleless speakers?

There has been over the last 6 months a few ads for Spatial Audio "Turbo" Series speakers, especially the Turbo M-4 S which retails for $1999.00

Is the "Baffle less" design provide the same wide and deep stage as the Magneplanar model .7 or 1.7i  or other similar planar design, and offer accuracy and musicality? .

I have seen only one or two reviews of their speakers in the audio press.

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Check out their website.
Use the search function on this site for reviews by owners.
@lowrider57 Yes, that’s me.Thanks for the shout out to my blog, and @sunnyjim,  I hope the information there is useful to you. The blog has both my original review of the M4 and my subsequent review of the M3 after trading up. I love both of them and think they are great. I will also say that with the right amplification – I am moving out toward solid-state, myself – the image beautifully and throw a gargantuan, immersive soundstage, if you’re into that sort of thing (which I am)!Hope this helps.