Spare parts for Wadia 6 CDP

I have read a couple of posts in this forum saying that spare parts for the transport in the Wadia 6 are no longer available. Just thought other readers might like to know that I beleive most parts can be sourced through Teac (P500 mechanism used in Wadia 6).

I am currently using a Wadia 6 (still a superb player) direct connected to a Metaxas power amp and Martin Logan loudspeakers
I am thinking of purchasing one of these players and was wondering what you thought of yours compared to the newer units?

Just FYI. We can still repair Wadia 6's. Although some of the parts are getting a bit scarce, it's true that the unit is based on a TEAC P-500 and there are a lot of those out there that could be canibilized if the need arises...Laser assemblies are still available for it though and it's rare that there is a problem on the DAC board.

We're happy to help with Wadia 6 repairs if the need arises.

Steve Huntley
Great Northern Sound Co.
I have a Wadia 6 the transport will not stay closed push close it closes and then opens I don't if the laser has any on the opening and closing I can get the laser its KSS-151A sony.