Spanish speaking Audiogoners?

I sold a pair of interconnects a few months ago on Audiogon to a gentleman from Argentina. His English skills are minimal, and my Spanish only slightly better than that, but we got through the transaction with the help of dictionaries and translation software. I've just had an email from him that he'd like to post some of his gear on Audiogon, but needs an explanation of how selling on the site works. Is there any kindly Audiogoner who writes fluent Spanish who would be willing to help out? Please identify yourself on this thread, or by email directly to me, and I'll forward privately his email address. Thanks!
Point him toward They have tools that should allow him to quickly translate the AudioGon FAQs and ad pages to Spanish. Since their tools work both ways he can, for instance, write an ad in Spanish, translate it using Babblefish, then post it on AudioGon in a langauage most of us can understand.

Hope that helps.
He can send me an email, and I'll help him out. I am fluent in Spanish AND I go to Argentina 4 times a year, and my next trip is next week....
Si habla espanol....
I am from Argentina and I can help. Pablo.