Spanish Harmonia Mundi by Edigsa

I came across Spanish Harmonia Mundi LP's pressed in Spain
by Edigsa from Barcelona. Does anybody have any experience with them?
Is their quality on par with French/German pressings?

THanks, bydlo
These Lp´s had very bad pressings.
Ok, thanks.
And are you familiar with another Sanish label
From what I remember, the records of Spanish labels (Edigsa, Belter, Hispavox, Movieplay,..),generally,didn´t have a good pressing.
Specifically Edigsa, apart from recording it´s own artists, was a distributor of some very attractive labels from a musical and audiophile point of view (Harmonia Mundi, ECM,..)but it was a pity that these labels allowed Edigsa to manufacture the vinyls. Edigsa manufactured them in the Iberofon factory with bad results. Up to point that ECM cancelled the agreement with Edigsa in 1984, 2 years after the beginning of the agreement, to give an example(it must be taken into account that the german pressing of ECM was spectacular, without surface noise).
One of the exceptions to these spanish labels was Nuevos Medios. The vinyls were manufactured for them by Cofasa and the results were very good.
Nuevos Medios started to distribute ECM's records when they broke the agreement with Edigsa and the spanish pressing of ECM's vinyls was as good as the german pressing.

With respect to the records of multinationals that were manufactured in Spain, my opinion varies quite a lot:
- Polygram (DG, Phillips, Decca):from good to very good but, in any case, I think not as good as Dutch pressing of Phillips recordings.
- CBS: good.
- EMI: mediocre.

I hope this information could be useful to you.
Thanks a lot! A very helpful info!
Bergidium, I do come across some early Cofasa pressings of big US/Uk labels from time to time. Worth taking them?
It depends on the condition, wear and tear. If they are in very good condition, I would buy some and try.