Spam email for T + A HiFi

Since I have been coming to this forum I have been getting quite a few emails (spam) for the T+A HiFi DAC 200 and they are all from one particular e-retailer and advertiser here. I am intrigued as I am a fan of German engineering and audio products. I have a couple of SPL components and I am quite impressed with them. Curious as to how many here own T+A HiFi components and what your opinions or feedback may be. I may have to make a drive to Houston and examine the brand closer. 

Thank you for your time. 


T+A are excellent components and not well known in the USA. I have a pair of T+A Criterion T100 speakers and they are great. Excellent build quality, good looking and sound excellent. You would not be wasting your time by checking them out, however they are expensive.

@dill it is only money, no really I am interested and find their components atheistically pleasing also. As are the SPL products and the SPL components are very nice sounding. So a day trip to H Town maybe in order and take in a club downtown.