Spaker Question

I have just purchased a pair of JC-1's and plan on adding an A-51 amp and a C-1 processor. I was looking to upgrade my front speakers, currently Paradigm Studio 100's. Looking to gather information from people with like systems. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Parasound electronics, I presume?
I went from Paradigm 100.2s to JM Lab Electra 926s in my system. The difference is unbelieveable. The JM Labs have a soundstage precision and timbral finesse that the Paradigms never could muster. The other big improvement is in resolution where the JM Labs are simply in another league.

On paper they have a teeny bit less bass but its quality and integration is so good that you don't even notice. I highly recommend them; especially now that they go for $1900 or so a pair. I got 100.2s becuase they came from a vertically-integrated company and so I wanted to continue the theme - it was an excellent idea. Good luck! Arthur
When I saw the missing letter in the thread title I wondered what I might find the topic to be when I entered.

I was guessing "spaNker question".

That would have been an interesting topic as well.
I have some experience with the Parasound JC-1's. What are your sonic priorities in a loudspeaker? Room/placement constraints? How loud do you listen? Need a wide sweet spot? And of course, ballpark budget?

The JC-1's are an excellent match with some speakers, and not very good with others (surprise, surprise). Don't pair them with a bright-sounding speaker, for example; pair them up with smooth-sounding speakers and the result will be both smooth and very dynamic. Best of both worlds.

Best of luck to you,

I have a C2 that will be up for sale soon. It is virtually identical to the C1. It has a smaller power supply and does not have the small LCD screen on the faceplate. Otherwise I think that they are the same.

If you are interested please shoot me an email.

Sorry to interupt the thread.

As far as speakers that sound good with this particular combo... I have tried several different Martin Logan speakers, VSA, and Spendor. All seamed to work well.
IMHO it is better to find the right speaker and then start matching equipment.

Good luck!