Spades or Bananas on you Cary 500's

A question for Cary 500 mono block users; are you using spades or bananas on the amp posts? The posts have that irritating plastic safety cover offset to each side which means any spade set must have a rather large split or they won't reach. Also, the spades have to be just the right size or they will not fit into the slots. Maybe bananas are the way to go??? Which way did you go?
I use bananas on my CAD 120's and they work fine.
Stickman, I used spades on my 500's and I also use them on my new 500.1's : ) !!!!! I know what you are talking about. I used anti-cables with spades and had to bend them just a bit to make them work. When I switched to Audio Magic LA speaker cables, the spades worked just fine as is. If I were buying new cables, especially sight unseen, I might well go with bananas.
I may just go with bananas then. I just ordered a pair of 20.7's!!! which means I have to switch to single wire runs (using bi-wires on my 3.6's).

Leaning towards a set of JPS Labs SuperConductor 3's; anyone tried this speaker wire? I am already using JPS SuperConductor+ interconnects so thought that it might be time to go JPS all the way...
Congrats on the 20.7's! I think we will all be waiting eagerly for your assessment. I'm still in analysis paralysis over the 20.7 vs 3.7 with rel subs route. I like my 3.7's enough that I probably won't make any changes for another couple years. My room is kind of small for the 20.7's I fear.
I owned those amps. Stupid design on the WBT binding posts. I have a higher model WBT on my Clayton amps and they do not have the stupid plastic housing. What I did when I owned the 500MBs was to carefully cut the plastic housing off of the metal posts - problem solved. The buyer I sold them to was fine with that.
I did something similar to what Mitch2 did. I removed the piece of plastic wrapped around the base of the post which allowed large spades to mount properly.
Brownsfan, what size is your room? I am fairly lucky with a good-sized room of, 17.5w x 26L x 9h. Cannot wait to hear the 20's in my room!!! Delivery time is three to four MONTHS!
My room is 15 x 19 x 8. My 3.7's actually integrate with the room better than my 1.6QRs did. I think it may be due to having the tweeters in rather than out. I do have the ability to keep them out ~ 60 inches from the back wall, which is nice.
Hi Brownsfan, I would like to ask a couple of questions about your Cary amps offline, if you are ok with that. If you belong to Audio Asylum, you can look up Mitch2 and then access my direct e-mail address. Unfortunately, we cannot do that here. Thanks.
Mitch2, I'd be happy to discuss the amps with you. I did sign up for AA once. Let me see if I can still get in.
Hi Stickman I am selling my 10ft SuperConductors 3. Would you be interested?