Spades for Nautilus 804's

Wondered if anyone might have some advice on which spade connectors might be compatible with the rather odd binding posts on the B&W nautilus series speakers. I am considering WBT's, but which size is compatible? Thanks to all who respond
If it is the same as the 805's try a "small" size. My "normal" size Harmonic Technolgy spades fit, but are a tight squeez. Sorry, I don't have exact sizes for you. Those "odd" binding post have the best grip and ease of use I have encountered yet.
The WBT binding posts are the highest quality binding posts made. Unfortunately they're also a relatively large size. 9mm spades fit fine. Try WBT if you want to have spades of equal quality to the binding posts. ...Paul
I am using N804's with the larger WBT spades. They do fit but I think the smaller ones would be a little more snug. My previous speakers would only accept the larger spades which is why I elected the larger ones. I would call or e-mail B&W and make sure the smaller ones fit before purchase. Marc