Spade V/S Banana

Are there any Advantages or Disadvantages of using Spade v/s Banana plug cables for the speakers??
Instead of delving into any purported sonic superlatives of either/or let me just say use the termination that you feel the most comfortable with. I personally have a set of spade to spade on one system & WBT banana to spade on the other because that's what works best with the equipment I have & that's what I based my purchase on-which end would work best in that particular application.
I like banana plugs for the convenience, but I think that spades are generally considered better due to the fact that it is easy to get a gas-tight seal if you have one of the Audioquest binding post wrenches...
I agree with Gthrush1, and I've used both. Cheers. Craig
Banana for convinience.
Spade for best sonic results.
yes, you should have no bananas. -cfb
I used to think that banana's were "for convenience, not performance". After i bought some used cables that had WBT locking banana's on them, i had to change my mind. I think that these do make a good connection AND are convenient : ) Too bad they are so damn expensive : (

There are other versions of locking banana's out there (including Rat Shack), but they may not work as well. Otherwise, if you are talking "standard" banana's vs spades, i personally prefer spades. I do use a binding post wrench when possible, but as some all metal posts are round and do not have "shoulders", this is not always possible. Sean
I use spades whenever there is room. If it's not practical to use spades (I had a pair of Sonus Faber speakers with the knurled, odd sized binding posts) I use the spade end cable anyway & add Monster X-Terminators. They can expand to make a much tighter fit than the plain banana plugs.
I don't like to modify anything I might sell soon...

whatever you decide please try rhodium plated versions , wbt do not offer rhodium , furutech do , i agree that the WBT bananas they are a great fit much better than the furutech , but furutech offers rhodium , if you decide on spades go for furutech rhodium plated they are about 60gbp for 4 i love the sound if you go for bananas you cant beat the top range WBT but you have to pay for the top silver version