Spade to banana connectors, do they exist???

Y'day I went to connect an SVS sub to the 2 channel system. Being a good lil' audiophile I chose to utilize the subs crossover and connect it via its hi-level in/outputs. Then I discover the SVS has these cheapo receiver type binding posts that only accept bare wire or bananas instead of a quality 5 way post that will easily accept a spade. All of my speaker cables are terminated with spade ends.

Do banana termination adapters exist that allow one to attach them to their spade ends? Years ago I found a set that allowed one to attach their spade ends to the base, tighten the spade to it, and then plug in the banana termination. I don't desire to buy new cables, or place new ends on my cables, or resort to zip cord. Thx 4 the assist.
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sometimes one arm of the spade will fit into the hole for bare wire

I have done this before and it works fine

just be careful not to short it out!

good luck
I've used these and they work great as long as you tighten them well.
I have a pair, they are made by Monster Cable . I don't use them any more , but they did work ok .
Audioquest has some good ones.
I also have a SVS sub and spade connectors on my cables. I have the Audioquest adaptors and they do not work very well on this sub. I will try the Cardas
It might be better to replace the binding posts; I have done that several times but don't know what would be involved here. Good binding posts can be reasonable; I sometimes use WBT but Madisound or other suppliers have good ones for 4 or 5$. Some quite expensive speakers come with rather cheap posts and replacing them will give an improvement in sound.
Thanks to all for the suggestions. I looked at the Cardas first, and what's up with them? They're like a tiny stub of a post. I didn't observe anything close to resembling a standard banana.

I found the Monster Cable pair in a visual but didn't find them for sale anywhere. After some searching I found the AQ's shipped for $36 for 2 quad sets, so the AQ's it is. Via a web jpeg they appear as if they'll tighten down right nicely onto a spade, and they're gold plated. We'll see in a few days.

Currently I'm using 10 gauge zip cord all around to make a connection. It's like a throw back to the 70's being back in that Guam barracks with zip cord goin' everywhere whilst connecting a quadraphonic Sansui receiver to four Pioneer speakers. All acquired via 2 months of Navy salary. Now those were the days! Okay, I'm dating myself yes, but if you'd have been a bug on the wall you'd have been privy to some really fun times. The days of Creedance or Kool and the Gang playin' on the jukebox, and all night keg parties, not to speak of the local women. Okay, I've digressed this call of assistance into a self induced walk down memory lane.

Thanks again to all for the assist! There's no place like AG for getting an answer to anything audio.