Spade's Or Banana's on Double run from Integrated

I have pretty much decided to do a double run of the Harmonix SLC from my MBL Integraded to my Montana EPX's.
I already have one pair of the SLC's in spades which I will run to my upper end, but on the second pair for the low end
coming off the same post on the Integrated should I double up on the spades or can I go with Banana's from that post? Speaker end will be spade's.
My concern is getting the spades doubled up and "SECURED".
I would have to bring one run up from the botton and the other run down from the top which is no problem.
I tried this today and it will work but being and staying secured is a concern to a point.
Banana's would be no issue but then I don't know if I am losing anything in way of current contact.
I tried this double run just this afternoon with another cable I have for audition and was just blown away with what I heard.
Thanks for any input you may give me.
I like the spade/banana combo, especially if you get locking bananas. If you can hear the difference between good fitting bananas and spades you've got better ears than I do. If you use regular bananas get some electrical tape and tape them on so they don't pull out and short out your amp.
Agree with Newbie. I tried two spades on same binding post and had trouble getting good connection, in fact I never did. Locking bananas, BFA bananas such as Audioquest or the Milty spring loaded bananas get a solid connection. Or you could get new spades run both wires into the same spade lug for shotgun biwires (that's what I'd do). Good luck which ever way you go.
With a std binding post why not try one cable with a bananas and the other with a spade? It is configuration I am considering on my current bi-wire. Right now I have both run together into one Audioquest Banana, which Timrhu mentions, those are best bananas for the money.
Hey Dave, Also your Monkey Bubbles would be overly thrilled with your choice in Banana's! ;0)~
Well my friend you have one of the best speakers on the planet for around 5k used. I had the EPS;its predecessor and it responds well to 2 runs of cable. Like Theo states, one set in spades and one set in bananas.
In my experiments on this point I found I preferred locking bananas to spades (very marginal), provided you could get them really tight. Maybe its because you can get more pressure per square inch with locking bananas than with spades given the small contact area.
Thanks Fellows, Locking Banana's was the choice. I ordered my new set of Harmonix SLC today for a shotgun run.
Thanks again for your input, it really was appreciated and that really is what I based my choice on.