Spade plugs for 16gauge cables

Have been using the Home Depot orange wire and using a RCA plug has not really worked (don't think the connection to the wire was a solid one). Would like to try a spade connector but again am concerned about getting one that can accomodate that size wire. Any help would be appreciated (including where to buy it), thank, Richard
WBT connectors are excellent, but will probably cost more than your wire. PartsExpresshas all manner of inexpensive spade crimp connectors. 16ga wire is not that thick, IMO. 8, 10 and 12 what I would consider thick wire. Are you sure the cable you are using is 16ga? RCA connectors are not normally used in a speaker terminal connection - could you mean that you'd been using banana connectors?
Strip the wire 1" & fold it in half - then connect your spade & crimp - VERY SIMPLE!
I guess I do have the gauge wrong. They are extremely thick and can't use standard plugs well, Richard
What size spades can the terminals accept? If your terminals can accept them, I like the Audioquest 1/4" spades because their semi-circular shape allows for a more secure connection if you rotate them a quarter turn or so after sliding them into place.
Just use bare wire. Don't bother with spades of any other connector. The price is right and no risk in trying.