Spade on spade or banana and spade?

I have a question which I've thought about but can't come to a conclusion. My speakers can be biwired but I've decided to use a single wire with a 20" jumper. The speaker cable and the jumper will have to go into the same connector. I can use spades or bananas and I want to use the best combination for a secure connection. Would it be best to use all spade connectors or to go with a banana connector on one end of the jumper? Or another way to say it would be: is it better to put two spades in a connector or to use a spade and a banana?
2 Spades are great, 1 spade and 1 banana is fine also.
Try both ways, they will both work, use what is comfortable with you.
Another possibility. Take a peak behind your binding posts to see how they are connected. You might be able to double-up on one binding post there. I have found that any connector will degrade the sound. I'll also read the same wire should be used for your jumpers as the spk. wire you are using. I will say that in my experience using diffent jumper wires will affect the sound. Reread your question. I personally would use a spade both top and bottom.
Optimally, I would use one spade and one locking banana. My experience with doubling up on spades has been that its harder to maintain as tight a connection as you get with just one. Initially it seems OK but they can work loose easier. YMMV.
I've had exactly the same experience as Newbee. I would suggest using spades for the speaker wire and a banana for one end of the jumper (spade on the other). Hope that helps.
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