spade lugs

does anyone know where i can purchase good quality spades that are non gold. i need about one hundred.
100? Are you wiring up a stadium?? Or just getting around to installing a Multi-channel, the next generation system with 25 discrete channels that your souse always wanted?? :)
Good lord that's a bunch. Are you putting a spade on each conductor?
AudioQuest has some nice spades available even in different sizes. Pure OFC copper with silver plating; better than gold.
WBT makes very nice spades, but they may not be as cheap as you want. They are $20 for copper, $40 for silver.
The T1 spades on my Analysis Plus cables are the most robust I've seen. These are milled out of a solid block of copper and then silver plated. Big, but wonderful.
Cardas makes a super spade lug which is made of rhodium and silver which sounds great. They have several grades I am sure they make something that would fit your needs as long as you have deep pockets. Good luck with it.
If you are looking for plain old copper spades, almost any electronics shop will have them and they will probably cost only $3.00 to $5.00 for the 100.