spade connector around post or 1 prong thru hole?

I just bought a pair of 989's and speaker cables with spade ends. The 989 manual does not say to straddle the posts or put one prong through the hole in the posts (the hole through the post, not the cylindrical hole inside the post). I searched the internet and found some speaker manuals say around/straddle the post (even though they do have a hole for bare wire connections), some say one prong through the post. Any recommendations out there, either 989 owners or in general? My spade does straddle the post fairly well, but not as "snuggly" as I would have thought. Also, same question for connection to the amp, which method gives the best connection/sound? Thanks.

If the spade fits around the post I believe that is your best option. Some spades are too small to fit around the binding posts. In those cases one prong through the hole in the post would work. But I believe it is generally accepted that around the post is best. Hope this helps.

If a spade (or other connector) doen't fit right, the best thing to do is to snip it off, strip the wire, and make a bare connection. Nothing is worse than a bad connection.
Cheers, Pableson - thanks for the reply. I bought most of my stuff (cables/power chords) trying to make the weakest link in my system at least acceptable. The spade does not fit tight around the post, so I am not sure how much "metal-to-metal connection I am going to get, but if you snug the lug nut tight up against it, does the spade-to-lug nut-to-post connection make just as good as a spade-to-post connection or does the air between the spade-post threads not make for a good connection?

Also, in some of the manuals I found on the intenet, they said to remove the plastic washer on the post that butt's up against the speaker back. Maybe the spade would go metal to metal well and with good coverage somehow there?

There is an 800 number on my cable so I guess I will call them Monday for their thoughts. I hate to remove the spade and go wire to post since I believe the spade end is one of the reasons the cable is supposed to be good.

Thanks again.
The spade connection is not primarily from fitting tight against the post, but rather from the clamping force of the nut squeezing down on it. If you think about contact area, there is only a very thin edge against the post, but the flat area on the top/bottom of the spade are a large area.
Jdcrox, thanks. PS have you ever heard of removing the plastic washer on the post flush against the speaker and then tighening it down (as opposed to leaving it on and having metal to metal on the lug-spade side and plastic to metal on the spade-plastic washer side)?
Never seen one with a plastic washer on the post. That certainly seems like a less than ideal situation.