Spade adapters

Just picked up a pair of mono Acoustic Zen Holligram II's and sold my speakers at the same time,the cables are terminated with spades. Decided to go with magnepans and now looking at adapters for the spades to bananas. Was thinking of WBT, any loss of sound quality using adapters or should I just resell and start looking for a pair terminated with bananas. Thanks, John
Dear Velo62,
Our Cardas CAB banana will work for your needs. It has a locking nut which will clamp the spade and the banana is then inserted into the maggie receptical. You then clamp the CAB with the Magnapin locking nut. A common use for maggie owners.

Hope this helps.
Hi John,

I'd suggest you strongly consider cutting the spades off and converting your wires to banana. It's very easy to crimp a WBT collar on the bare cable, then use either WBT0644 Midline bananas, or treat yourself and get the most excellent WBT0600's. The WBT connectors aren't cheap but you will be able to keep your cables and you'll also have arguably one of the best connectors available on your wires. You can always remove the WBT's and re-use them again on other wire in the future. Besides, selling cables isn't the most rewarding experience, you'll be lucky to get 50% of the original price (unless you bought'em used for half off).

Regards, Jeff (big WBT fan)
I think sonically WBTs are excellent, however I am not a fan of their design when it comes to using them.

Most of the interconnects and speaker cables I've owned used them.

I've owned many speaker cables that used the Midline and their more expensive stuff and I've had screws bend and strip. Also on some binding posts some seem to always get loose and unscrew, while others stay well secured.

With interconnects I've had similar but less problematic results. Again with the screwing mechanism, some seem to tighten easily and stay that way, while others need to be spun a jillion times with getting snug. Then some of WBT interconnect connectors pull out as if they were greased by KY, and others seem like they were screwed on with Lock-Tite!

I've found the banana plugs on Audience and Acoustic Zen cables to be far more consistent in application and much easier to work with.

Maybe you could send your Hologram IIs to the factory and have them put Acoustic Zen Z-Bananas on them.
Thanks for your responses, I am temporarily ( dont cringe ) using monster cable spade adapters. Picked up my hollogram II's for a very decent price, will most likely sell or trade for a ready terminated pair and avoid the hassles and delays. Thanks, John
I actually used the X-Terminator Banana Adapters before sending my cables to the factory for retermination with WBT Midlines and thought the Monsters were pretty good.

Sonically, I didn't notice any degredation with them. I eventually stripped one of those too. It must be me.

Good luck!
Doubt anyone will read this again, but I am in a similar situation with my Panasonic AV receiver. I have Monster X-Terminators I cna use with my spade-terminated cables, but they won't open up enough to grip tightly in the rather large banana females on the Panasonic. I don't want to strip my cables or have them re-terminated, but I do want a nice, tight connection (who doesn't). Any suggestions?