Spacer between cartridge and headshell on Breuer

Hi Musiclovers!
I just got hold of a Breuer 8 tonearm.
To my surprise I had to use spacers between my cartridge PC-1 and headshell to get arm parallel with turntable.
There was one spacer with the arm, made of propably same material as Raven One turntable (black and dense).
I use Raven One with Breuer.
That wasn´t enough I had to make an extra, didn´t have this dense material had to use softer.
Has anyone experienced similar, I´d be happy to know.
PC-1 is approximately 17mm heigh.
No experience with other cartridges.

Many Thanks!
There was no room at the armboard to lower the tonearm base?
You should be able to raise the tonearm to get the arm
parallel to the record surface . The tonearm pillar is adjustable higher or
lower. It is possible you have the arm up at the pivot as high as it will go.
If so, you'll have to shim it somewhere. IMO I wouldn't want to shim between
the cartridge and headshell.
Hi Kipdent/Drjoe!
Thanks for your advice.
In spite of lowering the arm as much as I could I could not get it parallel. End of tonearm (towards armboard) was slightly higher. There is adjustment screw for VTA wich I freed from touching armbase. The armboard is original from TW Acustic with steel insert for Breuer.
What about the black spacer coming along with tonearm, do you know if it´s standard. Or is it specifically asked for when ordering Breuer.
I definitely don´t want this arrangement, prefer without any spacer.
If any of you have experience with PC-1/Breuer I´d be happy
to know.

Many Thanks!
Hi, Clabe--

I can't imagine Jeff at Highwater couldn't solve this for you. Give him a call!
i recently installed a breuer 8c on my micro seiki rx1500, i needed more height actually and installed a 1/2" spacer under the arm base to raise it up at the back end. however, in your case, there should be lots of space to lower the arm. did you loosen the arm cueing mechanism? that will definitely have an effect on how the arm sits. it slides up and down around the mounting base to accommodate the various heights of the arm. to answer your spacer question, my arm did not come with any spacers, so i don't think that it's a breuer part.
HI Clabe

I have seen a guy use a spacer on his Breuer for that reason, and it came from Graham Engineering, same shape as the Phantom headshell, but it looked ok in the pictures. That would be your easy solution.

Your other option, and Jeff from High Water Sound says he has almost the same problem with is Breuer on the Raven One/Two is that with that arm cart and table combo the spacer for the armboard is a touch to thick so he cannot get the back of the arm down as much as he likes to get a full VTA range of motion if your cart is not too tall.
So if your dealer can have Thomas from TW can make a thinner spacer to put under your armboard, that would solve you problem, or get the new VTA armboard which looks very slick in execution and provides VTA on the fly without compromizing ridgitity.
Hi Pcosta!
You´re an angel, got the message right on spot.
Getting thinner spacer on armboard for Raven One will solve the problem.
Dealer told Thomas to send one.
I wish it was the armboard with VTA on the fly but it cost more than 1000 euro (smart and quick testing different carts).
I´m also waiting for my Mint Protractor.
BTW, instruktions for Breuer was printed on bottom half of a single sheet of paper and no protractor. Not much considering price.
What about antiskating, is there any at all.

Many thanks for taking your time, and the rest of you!
You could also try a copper mat effectively raising the height of the LP same as lowering the height of the cartridge with spacer. The Raven One spindle isn't very long though so you might run out of room with mat + LP + clamp.
The nob on the top of the pivot is the anti-skate adjustment.
I had the same issue when my new Graham Phantom II arrived in June. I fitted it to my TW Raven One but could not get the back of the arm parallel to the platter using my Transfiguration Orpheus cartridge. I spoke to Graham Tricker, the UK importer of the Raven and he advised me that TW had engineered a new stainless armboard base which was 3mm lower in height. He exchanged one for the original armboard base (not the black bronze armboard itself with the stainells collar) and now I can get the arm level to the platter without running out of travel at the arm pillar. No messing around with headshell spacers or copper mats!
Thanks Drjoe!
I might have to change antiskating later.
I thougt the nob on top together with the other on side were for adjusting ruby bearings, and shouldn´t be touched once set at factory.

About the copper mat I think it will be too thick, I´m using clamp+mat.

Today my new armboard/spacer should arrive and Mint Protractor should arrive next week.
Looking forward, I will notify the outcome.
Tanks everybody!
Hi Musiclovers!
Finally, I think I´m close to sweet spot with my AirTight PC-1 cartridge using Mint Protractor.
Quote (with it´s wright)- It wasn´t easy but definitely worth it.
Using a mirror with thin tracking line and zero reference points on it makes it look easy at first sight.
But to be able to make precise adjustment Yip has added several photos in instruction manual to guidance.
These photos are a necessity, we are talking about parts of millimetre to get close to sweet spot.
It demands some patience and a lot of readjust/listen, readjust/listen, readjust/listen ...........until reached.
Yip has thought about all that and also about some frustration of not getting it perfect first time.
Manual is complete, well done Mr Yip!
BTW, PC-1 sits on a Breuer 8C.

Does anyone know what adjustment screw on side of tonearm is used for (below screw for antiskating).

Many Thanks!