Space-Teech Super Rectifier: Do I need it?

Just received a USB converter from Al at Space-Tech along with a superior recifier tube and am absolutley delighted with the sound from my older Space-Tech DAC, which he upgraded last year. Problem is, he says I should get a "super Rectifer" which he assures me will take my system to a new level. Now I think I'm a great guy and I deserve the very best, but $850.00 seems a lot to spend on myself when I can't imagine better sound. Opinions any one?
If he's talking upgraded power supply, it can be worth it. Some equipment is more sensitive to this than others...partly depending on what PSU is being used in the first place.

Can you trial it before buying? I would say good PSU is oftentimes a big improvement in bass, control and a 'stronger, more complete' signal coming thru.

ultimately, first question is do you trust the dealer/manufacturer? Some are reasonably honest and will be right when they say an upgrade is worth it...and some will also try to sell you the next-next thing to make a buck.
Thanks for your response. The "Super Rectifier" replaces the standard tube with two larger ones, plus some electronic wizardry and a connecting plug. I trust
Al implicitly, but his products cater to the high end of the market and I guess my question addresses more the audible limits of sonic reproduction than the function of the unit - Al says it makes a grest difference wherever you use a recifier tube.. In the end, I have to go for it: You're not there untill you have a "Super Rectifier" in your system. I'll post once I've saved up enough (Or trimmed my alimony payments).
Good luck on that score! i will say if you trust him, then i will only add that what he says could well make a big, big difference. Changing the rectifier tubes in my PSU for my own DAC changed the entire bass line of my DAC...for the better. And that was just changing the tubes from stock (and a bit old) to higher quality NOS Mullards. No changes in circuitry whatsoever...just a tube swap. Go for it and please post! Good luck.