Space and Time Quantum III Cable Question

I got a pair of cables that were marked "Space&Time Quantum III" thrown in when I purchased some Vandersteen speakers on this forum a few years ago. They are sort of a blue/teal color and about 15' long. They are quite substantial, being about 1/2 thick and have spades on one end and just soldered ends on the other.

I'm moving again and am, quite frankly, getting tired of lugging them around. I've read up on them and it seems that they were made by Tera Labs in the 80's? Any idea of what they are worth? I was going to toss them, but I figured I should maybe put them up for sale here first, but I don't even have a ball park figure since they haven't seem to come up for sale here at all. Thanks for all your help in advance!
You should contact Tara Labs about this. They stand behind their products well and they can give you information about the cables. I owned a set for years and thought they sounded great. My friend is still using them on a set of Martin Logans.

Good Luck!
They have been seen here up for sale. Try putting them up for auction.
Thank you very much for your responses, I appreciate it!