SP14/Don Sachs vs. Decware Zen Pre

I'm looking at adding a tube pre and I think there's a lot of value in both these amps. Problem is there isn't a whole lot online about either one.

Oddly the output caps value from each is wildly different for my power amp (Pass Labs XA30.5), 2.2 vs. 0.1 uF! Perhaps this is a difference in design?

I'm leaning towards Don's amp for a few reasons but the beautiful case and balanced design of the Decware is holding me back a bit.

Does anyone have experience or comments with either of these particular amps?
No experience with the Decware but I have a Sachs mod SP-14.  Don can install appropriate caps to match the input for just about any amp.  Mine is set to match tube or most SS amps, unless unusually low impedance.  Also I find the cherry cabinet very good looking, but personal taste can vary.  Sonics are outstanding.

There is a long discussion at Tube-o-phile Circle on his line stage.
Thank you. I will do some searching and reach out over there!