SP Tech Timepiece 3.0-Dynaudio C1 comparison?

Anyone fortunate enough to compare these two speakers? If so would like to hear your opinion.
I'm not familiar with the SP Techs... but I've owned C2's and currently own C4's, both of which are respectable speakers. Probably can't go wrong with the C1's, as long as you've got decent amplification and can live with pulling them approx. 4 to 5 feet off the front wall, as they do best when they have room to breath.
I have a pair of 3.0's on order. I am only aware (through a post in another forum) of one other pair that are actually in the hands of a lucky owner (I don't know him). As of now, there are no dealers who have any in stock that I know of, so the odds of getting a comparison between a 3.0 and ANY other speaker is going to be tough. When I get mine I will give a thorough review, but until then we can only hope someone might see your post and chime in.

Can anyone recommend a dealer for SP Tech? Thanks.
If you google sp tech, you will find several dealers. tweekgeek.com, response audio to name a few. Also contact 4sptech.com for a list of dealers or a dealer near you.
No real-world experience with the SP Tech's, but they look interesting enough to peak interest. Certainly familiar with the midbass driver it incorporates.

As a Dynaudio dealer as well as owner of the C1's in my own personal system, the C1 is near and dear to my heart. When driven by appropriate amplification, there are few monitors or floorstanders for that matter that can better it's imaging and silky highs. They are simply wonderful smooth sounding monitors. If it lacks anything, it would be in bass depth. Personally, I run stereo subs in my system, but many 2-channel purists love them as is.
You can read quite a bit of discussion about SP Tech's at Audio Circle forum. I think their Timepiece Mini's will best the C1's in bass response and dynamic range. I think they are about $3500.00 a pair with what looks to be a superb finish. Happy trails.
There are a pair of WLM Monitors in the classifieds. A more complete speaker (across the frequency range) than any of the above IMO.
I've had my 3.0's for almost a month now. You can read my review on the SP Tech Forum at Audio Circles. I don't plan on buying any new speakers for a long, long time.
I would love to hear Timepiece 3.0s. I have heard so many positive reports here and especially on AC that I placed those on my very short list of speakers to audition. As reported from the audiophile that I respect and value his opinion the difference between the Minis -2.0 and 3.0 is mainly in the bass and dynamics. Otheres please feel free to coment.....I am very interested in 3.0s.
I think their Timepiece Mini's will best the C1's in bass response and dynamic range.
That could be, but my C1s deliver remarkable bass for their size, down to 30Hz or below in my room, and they may be the most dynamic speaker I have owned. I love them for their tone, which no one seems to talk about, which I find nearly spot-on to my idea of what is neutral and correct. Have not heard the SP Techs but would very much like to.
Drubin- Good point. Maybe that was a bit irresponsible on my part. Particularly about dynamic range. I had the Dynaudio predecessors home for a weekend audition (with 150W monoblocks) and their dynamic range was mind blowing. On big bass transients, seemed like the walls in my room were bowing out. They use a very large voice coil that can transfer a lot of power to a lot of energy. Very impressive. There is no way I was getting 30Hz in my room, however, in fact, I thought the Dynaudio's to be a bit light in tone in general. In the accurate school rather than the romantic school, if you know what I mean, and that's not meant as a criticism. To their credit, they sounded like one speaker, cut from the same cloth as is sometimes said, as much as any dynamic design I have heard.

It was an assumption on my part about dynamics and deep bass. My bad. I am guessing that the SP Tech mini's will go deeper because they have a larger cabinet size and slightly larger mid/bass drivers. And a friend tells me that they, too, have super power handling ability.

I'd love to hear both at home and have a lot of regard for the Dyn's. I already know the they will work superbly in my room.
I have to add my two cents, you can read mine and others about the Minis which are currently my reference speakers and the price I have seen is $2500 direct or was. The Minis are so good that the 3.0 can only been even better if thats possible. I have owned speakers with Dynaaudio drivers and they I believe to my ears the SP Tech are better than anything I have owned and posibly heard at the shows. I think that SP TECH is still trying to catch up on orders(?)And most of us who have recieved them feel lucky. IMHO/ FWIW
OK, It's now September. Has anyone else received a pair of 3.0s that would like to comment on them? Also, what stands are you using? Thanks!
I finally received mine about a week and a half ago, after an agonizing nine-month wait. Boy, was it worth it. As I write I'm listening to Wagner's Tannhäuser, and it sounds glorious, which I realize is not an audiophile kind of word. I love the combination of heftiness and clarity. I listen to a lot of orchestral music (and just about everything else) and, as everybody knows, massed violins seem particularly tough for speakers to get right. Here they're smooth and sweet without the grating shrillness I have found on other speakers, but without losing the natural astringency of strings. The bass is taut but robust--I was nervous whether would be enough of it, particularly at the low-ish volumes of a much of my listening. As others have mentioned, percussion crackles extremely convincingly--Paul Motian's drum set sounds like, well, Paul Motian's drum set, which is quite a treat. I have heard details that I just didn't realize were there when the same recordings were played through other (very good) speakers. I could even swear that some of the tempos sounded different which I realize makes no sense at all. Right this moment, Bob Smith is my hero, just after Gandhi. I hope others respond, because I'd like to wallow a little in some smugness and self-congratulation.
Which model, T_S_Monk?

I've got the Timepiece 3.0
I'm still thoroughly enjoying my 3.0's three months in. They just sound "right". Nothing hyped or emphasized. Just pure musical enjoyment. It's really a shame that this company doesn't get more publicity.
Curious about the stands you're using and how high? Thanks!
I can't remember the brand (I did a google search for metal speaker stands), but they're 24" high and each stand has 4 columns which I filled with lead shot. I think I paid around $250 for them.